Introducing: Bookshelf

booksI love reading.
I always try to read some non-fiction books, mostly on psychology, because I think I should use my time meaningfully, but the problem is that I just can’t refuse a good novel. So usually after a few pages  Freud  goes stale on my bedstand while I get lost On the Road with Jack Kerouac (my all-time favorite).

I guess my taste in books is a little bit whimsical – I like weird characters, in my opinion a thrilling story is nothing without good language and I’m more interested in how a character experiences the events than in what actually happened. I prefer stories that tell about “normal life”, always looking for a clue how to get my own life right. I don’t read crime stories (though it’s said that there shall be good ones, too) and I don’t read fantasy (except Haruki Murakami is considered fantasy).

In the category “Bookshelf” I will introduce some of the books I like, hoping to give you some inspiration on what to read next. And since I like talking about books nearly as much as reading them, I hope you share your recommendations, opinions , favorite books and authors or anything else concerning this topic in the comments.


What do you think?

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