Introducing: Art Journaling

art-journalingThere are many reasons why I’m a big fan of Art Journaling. It’s helping me to get my feelings and thoughts in order, I often can see things more clear and feel relieved afterwards. Since it’s not only the words as in an usual journal but a lot of visuals like pictures, colours, forms and so on  it makes it easier to express some things, especially feelings you can’t find the right words for. At the same time you can try out new techiques, ideas, colour combinations and more and practise your artistic skills. And it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look nice and perfect afterwards, because it’s all about the expression of yourself and it’s all yours. No one has to see it and you can create a mess as big as you want.
Since I don’t feel confident about sharing personal stuff at the internet I only will share very little of my own art journaling pages as they naturally are very personal, but will concentrate on ideas and techniques for journaling.
Do you have an art journal or do you want to share your thoughts on this topic? Leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Introducing: Art Journaling

  1. I don’t have an art journal, but I do keep a ‘one-line-a-day’ diary. In theory. It gets hard to remember to write regularly, don’t you think?

    • Hi Iris, thank you for your comment! I used to write in my journal every evening before going to sleep some years ago, it was kind of a ritual and worked quite well. But now I haven’t written anything in months. Somehow the Art Jounal works better for me – it feels like I don’t have to remember but have a desire to do it. I don’t journal on a daily basis, rather about two times a week. I like your idea of the one-line-a-day very much, I think it’s a great way to have a report of what is going on in your life without feeling too overwhelming. Perhaps it would help to find a regular time to do it, kind of a ritual, too?

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