Projects: Notebooks

notebooksI’m a little bit obsessed with notebooks, I guess I’m currently using about ten of them simultaneously. Some time ago I started making them myself and have gathered quite a collection of self-made notebooks ever since.
Most of them look a little bit crappy due to al lot of use…

notebook2bThis one I made out of an old magazine cover, different scraps of paper and fabric. I used it as an art journal.

notebook3This one also consists of different scraps of paper, which I decorated. For the cover I used an old amazon package. It was made following this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.

notebook5Both the red books were used for art journaling and contain thick drawing paper. The cover of the left one is made of fabric, for the right one I combined fabric and wrapping paper and added a button and twine for closure. The right one was the first book I ever made.

notebook6The left one is made of the cover of a catalogue, drawing paper and washi tape. In here I like to try out colour combinations for my projects.The last one I made for a friend out of printed cardstock, an exercise book and twine. While making it I took several pictures and there will be a tutorial on Wednesday!

Have you made any notebooks yourself? Do you have any tips?


8 thoughts on “Projects: Notebooks

  1. Even though I compulsively buy notebooks and have them stashed all over my house, this makes me to make approximately eleventy billion more. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thank you very much, also for you’re sweet offer! Someday I would love to take part in a book binding workshop to learn how it’s done properly.

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