You can make this: Notebook Tutorial

Notebook-Tut-1After sharing my collection of notebooks in my last post, I now put together a little tutorial to show you how to make one yourself.
You’ll need:

notebook-tut-2* cardstock
* exercise book (but you could use any other paper as well, you just have to fold it in half)
* thread or twine (I used a red and white paper-twine)
* pencil
* cutter or scissors
* a pointy needle and a needle with a big eye
* ruler
* not pictured, but eventually helpful: a nail and a hammer,washi tape, bulldog clip

  1. Cut your cardstock using scissors or a cutter. The final size should be a little bigger than your unfolded exercise book.
  2. Remove the staples and the cover of your exercise book.
  3. Later on, we will sew the paper of the exercise book to the cardstock. Therefore you want to mark the points where your stitches will go on the inside and outside of the fold of your exercise book. I chose a distance of 3 cm between each mark and the distance to top and bottom is about 3 cm, too.notebook-tut-4
  4. Fold your cardboard in half. I used washi tape on the outer fold to keep the paper from ripping while sewing. The twine I used was quite thick and stiff and I had to use a large needle for it, but if your twine fits a smaller needle it should be fine without the washi tape.
  5. Use the marks on your exercise book to mark the points where your stitches will go on the outside of the fold of the cardstock.
  6. Use either the pointy needle or a nail and a hammer to punch the wholes for your stitches through the cardstock and the paper. They should be exactly where you marked the points before.
  7. Unfold the cardboard and the paper from the exercise book and clip the paper on the cardstock. The pretty side of the cardstock should be facing down and the two folds should meet. I fixed them with a bulldog clip.notebook-tut-6
  8. To sew the pieces together, I used the needle with the big eye. Your first stitch is from the outside going inwards, then going from inside out through the next whole you punched, than again from the outside going inwards using the next whole and so on.
  9. When you reached the last whole, start sewing back to the beginning, using the same stitch.
  10. Back at the top, tie the ends of the thread together, tie a bow and you’re finished!
  11. Don’t forget to erase the marks for the stitches.

If you have any questions, improvement suggestions or else, let me know in the comment section. Oh, and I would love to know if you tried this tutorial and made your own notebook!


12 thoughts on “You can make this: Notebook Tutorial

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! If you have any questions let me know – since english isn’t my first language I’m not sure how understandable my explanations are 🙂

      • Your English is great I think. I can’t wait to make it, I’m going to make my own cover on photoshop and print it onto card, Oooh I’m exited! 🙂

      • Printing your own cover on card is a great idea, I will keep it in mind when making my next notebook.

  1. I always carry notebooks around to jot down all my crafty ideas in. How fun to have a handmade one!

    P.S. I’m so glad you like my book clutch tutorial. I’d LOVE to see yours when you get the chance to make one! 🙂

  2. I LOVE your blog. It’s really entzückend!!
    And it’s a great tutorial, too!! I’ll try it out soon!

    Just one quesion: The notebook – is it running with windows 8 or linux? (haha … sorry, stupid, stupid joke …)

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