Art Journaling: Grab your watercolours!

watercoloursAs I would do when starting an art journal page, I want to begin with a few ideas for backgrounds here. I often like to leave the background all white for a plain and simple look, especially when I have a strong image I want to use. But if I want a coloured background, watercolours are my favourite. I think they are easy to use, I don’t have to cover my workspace with paper before starting like I have to when using acrylics (it always gets messy) and I don’t have to find my palette first to spread them out. Moreover I think that a watercolour background is easy to work with, as it is no problem to go over it with other materials like felt-tip or crayons since the surface keeps its grip and the colour is light enough to be covered by the upper layers. Equally you can increase the colour intensity up until it’s really popping by using a lot of colour or by adding up the layers.
aquarell-background1For the first one I used a simple wet-in-wet technique, using two colours, adding some drops of water and fading it out at the margins. The second one consists of three layers of different colours, which I allowed to try before adding the next layer.aquarell-beackground-2_3For the left one I used different shades of red for a basic layer and added a second layer with red circles. The blue one on the right I started by painting a heavy coloured bar at the top, letting the colour run down the paper (it’s easier if you add a few drops of water at the points where you want it to run down). Than I added stains of colours between the lines and blew at them to spread the colour and to fringe the edges.

These backgrounds aren’t very exciting on their own, but I think it’s a nice and easy way to start a page. The first picture of this post is an example of a page which started with a watercolour background. I also finished the page with the blue background, I will show you the result tomorrow!

Do you use watercolours for art journaling? What is your favourite background?


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