Projects: Earrings

earringsI think earrings can be quite easy to make. These are a few examples of the ones I made over the last few years. Yes, I like red very much. As you can see, it’s just threaded pearls or buttons and some stuff from the craft store. For the white ones I used headpins and added a pailette at the bottom, because otherwiese the silver pearl would have slipped down from the headpin. The buttons as well as the pearls from the little read one I stringed up on thin wire and attached the wire to the earring wire using a calotte.
earrings2The only one which was a little bit more difficult to make is the big single one with the little pearls in the bottom left. Actually, I never made a second one. I’ll catch up on that and will take the opportunity to do a tutorial.

Which one do you like best? Have you made any earrings or other jewellery?  Any questions or tips?


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