You can make this! Beaded Earring Tutorial

tutearring1On Monday I showed you some earrings I made and promised a tutorial for one of them  – here it is!

You’ll need:tut-earring

  • thick wire (diameter about 1 mm)
  • really thin wire
  • seed beads
  • ear wire
  • pliers you can cut wire with
  • small pliers to bend the wire
  1. Cut a piece of the thick wire, the length is depending on the size of the earring you want to make (mine are about 5 cm in height). Rather cut it a little too long than too short, as you can still cut it after bending.
  2. Bend the wire in the desired shape. First bend the little loop at the top, then the larger loop at the bottom. The ends of the wire should meet at the point where the loops meet and the wire forms an “X”. In the graphic below the point is marked with a red line. I find it easiest to do the bottom loop the size you want and then cut the wire so that the ends meet. Don’t close the gap between the ends completely yet.tut-earring2
  3. Add the earring wire to the little loop through the little gap between the ends. Close the gap by pushing the ends together.
  4. Wrap some of the thin wire around the “X” to hold the shape together and to cover the point where the ends of the thick wire meet. I didn’t cut a piece of wire but used it directly down from the spool and cut after I finished wrapping. Tuck the end of the thin wire into the wrapping.tut-earring-3b
  5. Cut a piece of thin wire (I recommend not to cut a piece that’s too long or wrapping will be difficult and you can add more pieces later on – my pieces were about 30 cm). Start wrapping the bottom, make sure the end of the wire is secured by wrapping around it.
  6. Start adding seed beads. Thread your first bead onto the wire, than wrap one or two times. Add the next bead, wrap and so on. Make sure to spread the beads evenly along the part you want to cover.tut-earring-4
  7. Continue adding beads until you think it’s enough. I used about 20.tut-earring5
  8. When you are satisfied with the amount of beads, continue wrapping wire only, covering up the gaps between the beads. I also wrapped not only around the base but also wrapped around single beads – means I changed the wrapping direction by making a loop around a bead. Try to get slimmer at the ends of the wrapped part to create a nice transition. Continue until you have a halfway even band around the base.
  9. Tuck the end of the thin wire in between the layers and you’re done!

tut-earring6If you have any questions, please let me know!


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