Link Love #3

4671268019_3376168a6bImage by AForestFrolic

Another week has gone by, I hope it treated you as well as me! Here’s some stuff from the internet I liked this week.

  • Easy but effective: Add a zipper, in front or in the back.
  • Star introduced a new category to her blog, From the Hip, where she’s sharing her photography. I think they have kind of a dreamy vibe, which I really like.
  • A colourful way to spice up a blah light string is this idea, using plastic cups and fabric.
  • What a great dress, it’s self-made! Great music, too!
  • If you are interested in vintage style head over to Flapper Girl for some inspiration.
  • Maybe it’s already obvious that I’m in love/obsessed with polka dots, therefore I really liked this post. Only the red polka dot’s are missing.
  • GG Renee Hill’s mother is suffering from schizophrenia. Her post describing how she experienced and tried to cope with her mother’s illness is very touching.

Have a happy weekend!


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