Art Journaling: Don’t neglect your handwriting!


I’m one of the people who is still writing faster by hand than by computer. Also I admire the look of a unique handwriting with character. Therefore I often use my own handwriting on journal pages, even though there are a lot of other great ways to add words to a journal page like cutting out letters from magazine pages, stamping, stencils and so on. I collected some ideas on how to use hand writing or hand lettering on journal pages to give you some inspiration:hand-lettering

  1. Kind of block letters, partly coloured or shaded inside, or outlined with another colour or colour block.
  2. My “normal” handwriting doubled up. I like the look of the two lines which sometimes match and sometimes differ a little bit. I like to fill the space in between the lines with colour (a) or shading (c).
  3. Handwriting with a connection between the words.
  4. Capital letters with double lines and sloppy serifs.
  5. Handwriting with accented curves and loops, partly shaded.
  6. (Far right) Awry lines filled with either hand writing or capital letters.
  7. Kind of an imitation of a letter stencil with little gaps between the lines.

It was fun to gather these examples and to come up with some new (for me) ideas, since I usually just use the same ways to include my handwriting.

Do you like using your handwriting, either in your every day life or in your journal?


5 thoughts on “Art Journaling: Don’t neglect your handwriting!

  1. AH so true – I am always cringing when i see my hand writing compared to another more polished journal with stamps and chipboard letters – But in all honesty i feel like hand written makes your work more organic and real.

    I love this post! ^.^ Thank you!

  2. Oh, how I wish I could write this comment in handwiriting (preferrably in Capital letters with double lines and sloppy cerifs – I love that one!) (And I love the word “sloppy”.)

      • Hey! I don’t make fun of you – Mr. Dynamind is my witness! (And HE shall know it, as HE is smart, strong & beautiful!)

        We were just about to explore your new link loves, and are going to make poems from the Rheinpfalz now. Due to the content, they will have to deal with Wurst and Wein though. Maybe we can read them to you tonight already. Looking forward to seeing you!!! 🙂

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