Projects: Fabric Flowers

fabric-flowers-allFabric flowers can easily be made of scratches and single buttons. I think single ones look cute, but I especially like to make several of them with matching colours or patterns, like the ones pictured below.

fabric-flowers-2My favourite project using fabric flowers was a brooch for which I combined several of the flowers, leaves and stems in plaid and striped fabric in different shades of blue, but it was a gift and I gave it away without taking a photo.
Another project I used fabric flowers for was a headband, onto which I sewed two fabric flowers next to a few buttons.

fabric-flower-4 The next one was actually made by my mother. I made several of this kind, too, but again, I gave them away and didn’t take any photos before.

fabric-flowers-4This one is made a little different from the ones above, but the basic technique is the same.

Fabric flowers can be used for a lot of different things. Next to brooches and headbands they would look cute along the neckline of a shirt or a dress, you could add them to barettes or hair ties and  they would spice up a plain bag or even shoes!

On Wednesday I will show you how you can make some of them, too!

What would you use them for and what kind of fabric would you choose?


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