The Small Things: Bird Watching


Visiting my parents I could spent hours watching little birds through the kitchen window. They are so adorable! In winter you can find them flying and jumping around the birdbox and I am always astonished how they interact with each other. Each species has its own habits. The robin redbreast always comes alone, while the finches and sparrows always bob up in swarms. Tomtits always just take one grain at a time and fly to the next bush to break it there, while the blackbirds occupy the birdbox and throw more of the grains out than eating them. In summer there’s a good view to a nesting box, where you can watch little blue tits slip in and out, carrying nesting material and later on food for their offspring.

birds2Some time ago I started a little series featuring birds, using brown paper, gesso, watercolours, acrylics, inc-pencil and scraps of magazine pages. Two pieces of it are pictured above. Can you guess which species I tried to copy?

Do you have a bird house or nesting box?


What do you think?

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