Art Journaling: Letter Stamp Collection

word-stamps1 The week before last I shared ideas how to use handwriting on journal pages and  this week I stick to the topic and keep on talking about including words in art journaling. First I wanted to collect a few different ways to add words, including letter stamps, but then I thought they deserve a post on their own. So here I present you my little letter stamp collection, I hope it will keep on growing!


  1. Rubber Stamps. These are easy to handle since they are mounted on blocks of wood, but if you just push them onto an ink pad the edges of the blocks get coloured, too. If you want a cleaner look you carefully have to dab the ink onto the stamps using a small ink pad.
  2. I started to carve my own stamp alphabet out of erasers. Even though I didn’t get very far yet (A, B and E are all I finished so far :-)) I really like how it turns out.
  3. Silicon Stamps. You have to compound the words you want to stamp by pressing the single silicon letters onto an acrylic block. Sadly, after a while they don’t stick properly any more.
  4. Tiny stamps. These are actually part of an address stamp set, which comes with a lot of tiny letter stamps you can put your address together with. It isn’t designed for changing the words you want to stamp, therefore it’s quite unhandy to put the words together.
  5. These are old type letters from a letter-press. Since they are made of lead I only dare to touch them with gloves and they don’t work with an ink pad, therefore I carefully paint them with acrylics to make a print. They are quite laborious to work with, but I think they are really special.
  6. Just after I considered this post finished I visited the thrift store and got hold of this one. I was delighted as I found it complete. Afterwards I redid this post.

Above you can see an example of an art journal page including letter stamps. And finally, for further inspiration, a picture of my hand after I finished stamping. Yes, sometimes I work like a little child.


Do you have any letter stamps? Any recommendation for further letter stamps I should get for my little collection?


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