Link Love #6

2875818723_ed86464c3d_zImage by peregrine blue

It’s friday again! Here comes my little link round-up for this week.

  • I love vintage stuff, especially if it’s as weird as this one: 1936 guide to kissing.
  • I still find myself obsessing over birds, so I loved this Bird DIY.
  • Here’s the soundtrack to my bird obsession. So funny!
  • This brought me back to one of my favourite videos. I wonder how this video originated. My favourite imagination is that this scene actually happened and was captured on film by chance.
  • Nubby Twiglet just started a new column, where she’s presenting real life mood boards. I’m sure they will be very inspiring.
  • A great DIY for those of us who have a black thumb: DIY Fake Succulent Hanging Garden.
  • Beautiful little lies.Caught!
  • With spring surely coming soon and thereby all the pretty spring flowers blossoming, here’s a tutorial for three DIY Rope Vases.
  • Anyhow, it’s not too late for knitting a scarf – maybe for next winter. This Reversible Stripes Scarf would be my choice.

Have a nice weekend, I hope you’ll check in again next week for another project post and tutorial.


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