Projects: Paper Birds

paperbirds-1Since my love for birds was strongly reactivated the past few days, I wanted to make some to decorate my room. I like to work with what I have lying around, therefore I chose to make some paper birds. I tried to come up with something less boring than just cutting out bird shapes and that’s the result.

I’m not completely satisfied with the shape and will surely try to improve it, but I’m sharing them anyway, because I think they already turned out quite cute – even though a little bit strange.

paperbirds-2 paperbirds-3paperbirds-4

I tried to stretch my usual colour range a little bit, but of course the red-white-blue one is my favourite.

Which one do you like best? Any suggestions for improvement? I’ll show you how I made them on Wednesday (including the pattern I made), hope to see you then!


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