The Small things: Brave little green something

blumenkasten-1I’ve got a very little balcony which is already kind of crowded when two people try to sit next to each other and since the view onto the street corner isn’t really lovely, I mostly just use it to hang a few flower boxes (but I’m still determined to host a vegetarian barbecue out there one day).Three of the flower boxes I replant every spring, but one of them is just allowed to do and grow whatever it likes. The only thing I do is to put in a succulent if a pretty one comes my way. It’s mostly moss that is growing in there, but in spring there often are little pink flowers blooming, last summer a snapdragon I kept in a flowerpot spread its seeds and gave me another snapdragon inside the flower box which bloomed until late autumn and I even had three little trees in there before, but sadly they didn’t make it  through winter.

blumenkasten-2And now, in the middle of winter, there suddenly was this new green something. I have no clue what it could be, it’s looking like a kind of ivy, bu I’m not sure….does anyone know what it is? Probably it’s just weed. But anyway, I think it’s beautiful and I was very pleased to find something growing during this cold season!

I’m already looking forward to replant the other flower boxes, I’ve also seen the first spring flowers in the shops. My favourites for spring are red daisies, forget-me-nots and pansys. Which are your favourite spring flowers, any suggestions what I should get?


2 thoughts on “The Small things: Brave little green something

  1. Looks like Frauenmantel (Alchemilla) to me – but maybe it is just something that looks like Frauenmantel. And now some wikipedia smart-assing: The latin name Alchmemilla refers to its use in Alchemy where the dew the leafs are collecting over night was used to give older woman back their virginity. It is also some kind of rose (botanically) but doesn’t really look like one…

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