Art Journaling: The Colour Blue

Today I just needed myself to calm down and relax a little bit. While blue can lead to a quite moody look, for me it’s also the colour most calming, especially the lighter shades.blueSo I did a blue page today and thought it would be fun to share the process. Above you can see some colour swatches (see this little notebook here).

I started by ripping out pieces of blue paper from magazines and glued them onto the page.
relax1Than I added some blue watercolours….relax2 gesso to lighten it up…
relax3and a picture of a women I cut from a magazine, as well as some other scraps and doodles.Than I painted over the woman with gesso, watercolours and black ball pen.realx4Finally I finished with some more doodles and colour and a little bit of lettering.
relax5I don’t really like the result, I think it’s quite boring, but since I’m not talking art but Art Journaling, it’s more about the process, so I share it anyway.

Which impact do certain shades of colour have on you? Which is your calming colour?


What do you think?

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