Projects: Bracelets

bracelet2I noticed that my collection of selfmade bracelets is even bigger than my collection of selfmade earrings, which I showed you here (and a tutorial here).
All of the bracelets were quite easy to make.bracelet1The first one is finger knitted using stripes of old t-shirts. You can find a tutorial here. For number 8 I threaded different black buttons onto two thin elastic straps.bracelet3For number 3 I threaded black and red glass pearls as well as silver pearls onto a red and a black leatherstrap. All the pearls were remains from other projects.
I had a set of different red glass pearls which I used for number 4. I especially like the red polka dot ones, of course.bracelet5Number 5, 6 and 7 are just different little pearls threaded on elastics.bracelet4Number 2 consist of different straps and washers.bracelet6I’ll show you how I made number two in a tutorial on Wednesday. If you have any questions concerning the other ones, please let me know. bracelet7Which of the ones above is your favourite?
Have you made any bracelets?


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