The Small Things: Paula and Victor

pauli-und-victor This post is long overdue, since these two green fluffy guys may be small but for me, they are great. Their names are Paula (usually called Pauli) and Victor, so obviously Paula is a girl and Victor is a boy. I adopted them from my former room-mate, together with a third one, Kiwi. Kiwi has died in the meantime (he was older than these two, I guess), and even though I was very sad when he died, I have to say that Paula and Victor are better of without him. I know this sounds hard, but he wasn’t very nice to them most of the time, he definitely was the alpha animal and clearly domineered over the two little ones, so since he’s gone they seem to be much happier. I once tried to separate Kiwi from Paula and Victor, but they kept on calling each other so this didn’t work out either, and they rather seemed to be a little annoyed by him than being seperated.Now they kiss and feed each other all day (which wasn’t possible when Kiwi lived, since he always disturbed them and shooed them around) and seem to be madly in love with each other. victorVictor is the more agile one of them, he’s jumping around and singing all day. In the picture he apparently isn’t satisfied with his apple. They like cucumber way better, they love it!

pauliPaula is a little bit bitchy, but this apparently is normal for female budgies. Here she’s sitting on one of their swings, which is one of her favourite places.

They both aren’t able to fly, due to an illness called “Französische Mauser” in German, but I couldn’t find an English term. This means that they loose their feathers during the first moult like every other budgie, but in case of the illness the feathers don’t regrow properly or at all. I guess that Paula and Victor have less or deformed remiges, since this is the only part of their feathering where I can see anything unusual, apart from that they look fine.
They live in a cage landscape build from two cages, which is long, but rather shallow, so it’s not too bad when they fall (what sometimes does happen).
Actually, they can’t do anything, they aren’t tame (since they were too old to tame them when I got them), they can’t speak and they can’t even fly, but I can’t help it, I just adore them and could watch them all day long being cute and go on and on about them. I would love to do a regular series about them, but I think this would get boring soon for everybody else but me (but if you think otherwise, please let me know, I would love to tell you more about them. I’m actually fighting hard to keep it kind of short in this post).

The pictures are actually old ones, but since they hate everything unusual around their home, I spared them (and me, I always suffer along with them) to take new ones. And they look young as ever anyway.

If there’s anybody who’s the owner of budgies or likes to talk about budgies or wants to share his thoughts on Paula and Victor (aren’t they cute?), please leave a comment!


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