Link Love #9

3762676738_673e9f8863_zImage by stevendepolo

This week was a little bit stressful, since our kitchen was renovated. Now it’s all beautiful,  the walls are white again and the plastering isn’t crumbling down from the ceiling any more, but unfortunately at the same time our boiler broke so we only have cold water now. Brrrr!
Anyway, here are some links to look into over the weekend.

  • I not only like to make my own books, but also like to buy cheap ones and decorate them. I guess next time I’ll make a Fabric Bound Notebook.
  • Learn how to bind an accordion book.
  • Even though I often skip breakfast because i don’t have the time and can’t eat directly after getting up, it’s my favourite meal of the day if I’m not in a hurry and can enjoy it in peace. These 25 breakfast recipes sound great for a weekend morning.
  • I found this Summer Prayer to be very inspiring. I think I will do my own!
  • Another thing I want to try is a new things list. I read about it on a few blogs, but really enjoyed to follow Sarah’s adventures.
  • I guess I wouldn’t dare to wear it, but I think this Cat Ears Bowler Hat is adorable!
  • Another really pretty DIY using stuff you already have is this Butterfly Bracelet made from Paperclips.

Have a relaxed weekend!


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