Projects: Yes, I’m keeping this old kitchen clock!

clockAs I told you before, our kitchen was renovated last week and as part of this we did a little bit redecorating, too. I guess there won’t be much difference since we kept our (mostly slightly shabby) furniture, but at the moment it’s looking much more organized, clean and bright (because the clutter isn’t back in, I guess).

I also thought this would be a good time to get back to a project I wanted to do for a long time and to convince myself that it’s really reasonable to keep everything and not to throw anything away.

I’m a little bit exaggerating here, I am able to throw things away, but what I tend to keep is old clothes, old magazines, things that I don’t really like anymore but which aren’t broken, every kind of paper I stumble upon and somehow like, scraps of fabric, old books, and so on. Mainly it’s the stuff I think I still can make something of. And while I sometimes think it’s silly, I actually reuse a lot of these things and very often I am happy I kept them.
A lot of times I can start immediately with my projects because I have everything I need. Also, it saves me a lot of money to use (at least partly) the material I already have. I guess it’s keeping me more creative to think about a way how I can use the things I have than just to go out and buy new stuff, too. And finally, I like the idea that the things I reuse aren’t wasted and that doing something myself using materials I already have is an easy way to sometimes take a step back from consumption (which I find a lot harder when I see these jeans I really really have to have).

What I kept and what I’m talking about is our old Ikea kitchen clock. When I bought it I painted the frame because I thought it was boring before and we try to keep a kind of red and white colour scheme in our kitchen (at least I do). But the paint has started to chip of and the clock hands couldn’t move anymore because the clock face has crimped, so I decided to give it a little makeover. Due to the whole renovating I didn’t have as much time this week, so the clock isn’t finished yet – that’s why today I leave you with a before picture and a little bit more talking than usually. I will show you the finished clock on Wednesday, so until then you can take a look at former projects I made using materials I already had, like Notebooks, Paper Birds, the button bracelet shown in this post and the button earrings shown here.

Thanks for reading!

I would love to know your opinion, do you rather throw stuff away or keep it? Which projects have you made with things or materials you already had or didn’t throw away?


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