You can make this! Kitchen Clock Upcycling Tutorial

tut-clock-finishedI told you on Monday that I wanted to do something with our old kitchen clock – here’s the result. You can see how it looked before here.
I took it completely apart and only kept the clockwork and the clock hands.

I used:

  • cardbord from a packet
  • compass
  • cutter
  • wrapping paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • Modpodge and brushes to apply it
  • foam rubber
  • lacquer pen
  • pencil
  • set square
  • Needle
  1. First I used the compass to draw a circle onto the cardboard in the size I wanted the finished clock to be and cut it with the cutter.tut-clock-2
  2. Than I glued some wrapping paper onto the cardboard and cut around the circle, leaving enough paper overhanging.tut-clock-4
  3. Next, I cut into the overhanging paper, the cuts going towards the cardboard circle and ending a tiny bit away from the circle’s edge.
  4. Then I folded the overhanging paper stripes over the edge and glued them onto the cardboard. I folded the paper really tight to avoid getting little corners along the circle.tut-clock-3Here’s how the nice side looked after I glued all stripes:tut-clock-5
  5. Afterwards I covered the whole circle with a layer of Modpodge.tut-clock-6
  6. Next I drew the numbers onto foam rubber. I drew them freehand, but you could use a stencil, too. Then I cut the numbers.tut-clock-7
  7. I added some white lines inside the numbers using a lacquer pen. I like that it’s  looking like I used crayon.tut-clock-8
  8. I first measured the exact positions of the numbers on the back of the clock face using a set square and transferred them to the front, using light pencil marks. I also drew a light circle onto the front to mark how far inside the numbers should sit.tut-clock-9
  9. Finally, I glued on the numbers, punched a hole in the middle of the clock face and attached the clockwork and the handles and added a hole to hang the clock. tut-clock-10

I had a lot more ideas, but I had to keep the clock as light as possible, since the house I live in is quite old and the walls don’t hold nails very well. Perhaps one day I’ll make another one, until then this will do.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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