Link Love #10

2353470227_cf37943a16_zImage by Alicenwondrlnd

I’m visiting my parents over the weekend, it’s nice to have a little time off since the last two weeks felt quite chaotic. I’m not sure why. Probably it’s me.

  • I love T-Shirt restylings. This is an idea I haven’t seen before.
  • Maybe these Stone Statement Rings aren’t very practical, but they surely look beautiful.
  • I want to have a Polka Dot Wall, too! Preferably in red and white, of course.
  • This article on willingness by Jess Lively is a great reminder that you have to take action to get the things you want.
  • I’m not that into easter decoration but I like the idea to use paper scraps to make a bowl. I think the big round one could be used all year.
  • What a fun idea: a Yarn Wrapped Stool.
  • I keep on bird watching, This time at the Bird A Day ART Blog. I especially like the Inkblot Test Bird.
  • Speaking of inkblots:

Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter!


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