The Small Things: Balcony Flowers

balcony1Once more I’ve got some flower photos for you (but since my last flower post got so many likes, (at least by my blog’s standards) (thank you, by the way!) I thought it would be ok. And I definitely wanted to show you my balcony once it was planted, as I talked about it so many times before.balcony2balcony3balcony4balcony5 balcony6Have a nice week!


Link Love #14

7070793787_72b0fca4c3_zImage by TheCreativePenn

This week was even busier than the ones before, so this round-up is kind of short. I spend a lot of time at the festival and this afternoon we’re going to craft the trophies for the grand award ceremony tomorrow, so again I’m a bit in a hurry.  So here we go:

Have a great weekend!


spring3I didn’t have the time to make a tutorial for the paper daisies, yet. Instead I’m sharing a few pictures I took the last days.spring4 spring2I love that since the weather is getting warmer everything is starting to get green and to bloom. I love spring, it’s my favourite season. If it were up to me it would be spring all year.spring1The almond blossoms I photographed at the town square, there are a lot of almond trees. It looks lovely.spring5 spring6 spring9 spring8 spring7The other one’s I took while hanging around in a park.

I never thought I would be talking that much about nature and especially flowers on this blog. Seems like I love them more than I knew myself.

Which is your favourite season?

Projects: Paper Daisies, Mother’s Day Card and Daisy Hair Clips

flowers2As you know I’m doing a lot of spring decoration DIY’s these days for the La.Meko Filmfestival (which starts today by the way!). One of them are these easy paper daisies, inspired by this kind of daisy. In German they are calles “Bellis”, but I just can’t find out the proper English term. Can anybody help?

flowersThey are one of my favourite flowers and I plant them every spring on my balcony. In fact, there are some of them blooming outside right now.

flowers3I made them as scattered flowers for the tables, but I can think of a lot of other ways to use them. Since they are bound together by plated fasteners, you could adhere them to anything with holes or anything you could cut holes into, like this mother’s day or birthday card….flower-cardor these hair clips.flower-hair-clipsWhat else could you imagine to use them for?

I will show you how to make the flowers, but I’m not sure if I will manage to do the tutorial this week, since the next days will be very busy because of the festival.

Have a great week!

Link Love #13

4151138066_a9e2022184_zImage by webtreats.

When the weather is getting better I find myself spending much less time online. Instead this week I strolled the parks, sat outside drinking coffee and took a lot of pictures with my new camera, which I will share soon.
But now the links for the weekend.

  • A cup of Joe is doing a “Weekly Challenge” and there are some great ideas involved. This week’s challenge is especially interesting: Interview your parents. Last week’s challenge sounds like great fun: Stretch Your Vocabulary.
  • I’m not sure if I find “How Attractive Are You To The Opposite Sex?” Esquire’s 1949 Questionnaire amusing or startling. At least it seems like I have to work on my bridge and dancing skills.
  • Sadly my bookshelves don’t have backpanels, but otherwise I would totally make this papered bookshelf (originally posted by AprillAprill).
  • Sometimes crafts just don’t turn out the way you want them to, no matter how hard you try. Here are some ideas how to deal with these ugly crafts.
  • Usually I back off from DIY beauty products because it always sounds complicated and the ingredients seem hard to get, but these lip balms sound totally doable.
  • This tiny tin cakes look so delicious and I love how Lana Red used tins to bake them in. I guess you could use empty food cans.

Have a great weekend, mine will be busy but hopefully interesting. I’ve got a project and DIY in mind for next week, so I hope to see you here then.


changes1Once again, I have to make some changes on my blog and especially on my blogging schedule. While I love coming up with new projects and writing tutorials explaining how to make them as well as I love designing all my other posts, I noticed that it’s putting some pressure on me that I have to do it  at a particular time. I’m getting stressed out when I know I have a project post scheduled for the next day, but my project isn’t really finished and the post isn’t written yet. And since blogging is a hobby but not my job, I can’t afford to make it first priority, even if I wanted to. But I want blogging to be fun and not another obligation that’s stressing me to fulfill. So I’m going to cut myself some slack by doing posts according to what I’m in the mood for instead of following a strict weekly schedule. I will keep my categories and posting days for the most parts, but will allow myself to mix it up a little.

I guess I just have to figure out what works best for me. But I still love blogging and am so glad I started this blog!
This is also a great opportunity to say thanks to all of you who stop by, read my posts, like my posts or even leave comments or follow. I really appreciate it and hope you will continue doing so even if there are some little changes.

changes3And to put my plan in action, today I just share some pictures with you. Yesterday I painted paper for some lanterns and loved how the colours turned out. This would also make a great background for an art journal page. It’s a simple wet in wet technique and a part of the effect comes from the paper – I painted on coated paper bags which are thought to hold your break time snack.
Also I’m very happy with the close-ups my new camera is taking.changes2How do you plan your blogging schedule, have you made changes to it in the past and what works best for you to keep blogging fun? Please leave a comment!

The Small Things: Old shoes are the best shoes

chucksLet’s talk about clothes!
Finally it’s warm enough and I get to wear my leather jacket and my old chucks again. Even though I have gathered quite a little collection of fancy shoes by now, these are by far my favourite ones to which I always turn. I own  a pair of black chucks, too, and even another red pair which actually is exactly the same as this one – but it just isn’t. These are way better and I hope they will last for some time to come before they fall apart completely. I bought them in 2007 so they survived quite well I think. I always put in an old pair of soles of a sneaker, what makes Chucks even more comfortable to wear. Try t!

The jacket I got for sale and even managed to negotiate the price and get another discount because of a little stain at the collar, so it was really affordable. And I was really proud that I had the courage to trade because usually I’m to shy.

Do you have clothes you looked forward to wear when it’s finally getting warmer? Which are your favourite shoes?

I’m going out now to enjoy the nice weather, have a great week! Oh and by the way, I got myself a new camera!

Link Love #12

4987231287_e6027cab8c_zImage by lizard10979

This week was a very good week or better, yesterday was a very good day. I got some great news and it happened in a way I dreamed it would but always thought it would never happen this way, because if you imagine how something can go really bad, it will happen and if you imagine how something could go very very well, it won’t, you know what I mean? (Yes, I’m working on that attitude). And that’s why I won’t tell what it is, yet, because it could still go wrong (I’m working on this, too).

Here are some links for the weekend.

Happy weekend and thanks for reading!

You can make this! Feathery Birds Tutorial

bird-tut-8On Monday I posted some crazy-looking feathery birds and promised to show you how to make them. Here it is. By the way, I’m really sorry for the (even more than usual) bad pictures I took in the last time. My camera is broken and I usually use my boyfriend’s one, but he’s on vacation and took it. My roommate kindly lent my her camera, but I just don’t seem to be able to take a sharp picture with it and the lack of sunshine didn’t exactly help, since I don’t like to use flash. But taking my camera to repair is on my to-do-list today. I hope they can fix it.

Ok, here we go –
You need:bird-tutorial

  • Two polystyrene balls or cotton wool balls, a big one (about 8cm) and a small ne (about 4cm)
  • Craft feathers and craft feather boas in different colours
  • paint (I used acrylics)
  • brushes
  • toothpicks
  • glue
  • scissors
  • not pictured: black felt tip
  • brown paper
  • pin
  • thread
  1. Stick a toothpick into the balls and paint them. Let dry. (It really helps if you have a plank flooring with large gaps between the planks. It’s perfect to hold the balls while drying…)bird-tut-1
  2. Stick the small ball on top of the big one using the toothpick you already put in. The small one should sit on top but slightly offset to the front of the big one. The toothpick already stuck in the big ball should be facing down in an angle, forming the tail of the bird.bird-tut-2
  3. Stick in two more toothpicks to the points where the wings should sit.bird-tut-3
  4. Now comes the fun part. Decorate your bird by gluing long feathers to the toothpicks forming the wings and the tail and pieces of feather boa anywhere else you like. If the toothpicks show through the feathers you could paint them in a matching colour.bird-tut-4
  5. Paint on the eyes and patterns using black felt tip. Cut a diamond shape out of the brown paper and fold it in half, forming the beak. Glue the fold of the beak onto the small ball.bird-tut-5
  6. To hang it, cut a piece of thread and do a knot at one end. Stick the pin through the knot and put the pin into the bird. You’ll probably have to try where to stick it best, depending on in which position you want the bird to “fly”.bird-tut-6
  7. Done! bird-tut-7

If you have any questions or comments…well, leave a comment.
Have a great day!

Projects: Feathery Birds

birds1  As I mentioned before I’m a co-organizer of the La.Meko Filmfestival. Among others (like making the collage for the print products), it’s my task to make the decoration (or actually, I insist on doing it). Since we decided to do kind of a spring theme this year, I’m currently experimenting with different DIYs matching this theme. One idea were these birds – on the one hand I love birds and on the other hands, I absolutely associate them with spring.

birds4I made birds out of paper before, but since I get bored doing the same over and over again, I wanted to come up with another way.bird2The yellow one is looking a little bit tousled. It was the first one I made so it was a lot of trial and error.


After I was finished I nearly looked like a very tousled bird myself, since little feather pieces were sticking all over me!
I’ll show you how I made them on Wednesday, although I’m not completely satisfied (again), I think they are a little bit trashy….what do you think?

Have a good start into the week!