The Small Things: Taking a walk


Image by Pazit Polak

While I’m with my parents my general rhythm is a little off and so is my blogging schedule. I’m a little bit late with this weeks small thing, but here it is.

Visiting my parents we go out for a walk nearly everyday, since you can reach the outdoors within minutes. The landscape in the region where they live and where I grew up is very beautiful, with lots of woods, fields, water, hills and ruins of castles and on clear days you can even see the alps.
Today we took a walk along the edge of the woods with a lovely view over the lake, and even the sun came out after the grey and snowy weather over the last days. At the end we even picked some bear’s garlic which was growing there naturally to mak a bear’s garlic soup for dinner. I also love to come home after a long walk in the cold and to have a hot cup of coffee or tea, preferably with a piece of cake.

Where I live the landscape is beautiful, too, with woods, vineyards, hills and ruins, but sadly I rarely go there for a walk. On the one hand you usually have to drive a few kilometres to get to the woods, and on the other hand I don’t always find someone to come with me (and I don’t want to go alone because I’m totally afraid of dogs). And sometimes I just don’t think of going for a walk. But every time I’m with my parents I remember how much I like to be in the open countryside, especially in the woods. I think it’s a good resolution for this spring (when it finally arrives) to do it more often.

Do you like to go for a walk? How does your favourite stroll look like?


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