Link Love #11


Image by Dakiny

I’m late with my post again today and this time I even don’t have a proper excuse. I guess I should just loosen my blogging schedule a bit.

Yesterday I planted my balcony with daisies, forget-me-nots and pansies, but since it’s still very cold around here I guess I have to keep them covered to protect them from the temperatures and can’t even see them. Actually, I really like winter, but this year it just won’t go away and I am really sick of it. I will keep on complaining and posting spring pictures until spring is finally here – although I’m afraid that spring will be skipped this year and we will go straight to summer which I hate, because I guess spring is my favourite season. But enough complaining for today, here are some links to pass your time with over the weekend.

  • Obviously, Ugly is the new pretty. I think it’s great that people dare to be imperfect.
  • I loved to Tye dye when I was younger, so although you can buy Tye dye stuff everywhere right now I’d rather make it myself since the process is half the fun! Here are 50 DIY Tye dye projects to start with.
  • Why trying something and then deciding it’s just not right for you can be very useful.
  • Learn How to create a Style Guide for you blog.
  • “What are you going to do with that?” An encouragement to find your own individual way.

    “It means figuring out what you want for yourself, not what your parents want, or your peers want, or your school wants, or your society wants. Originating your own values. Thinking your way toward your own definition of success. Not simply accepting the life that you’ve been handed. Not simply accepting the choices you’ve been handed.(…) The world is much larger than you can imagine right now. Which means, you are much larger than you can imagine.”

  • Another T-Shirt Makeover. Also I can totally relate to the name of the blog where I found this: A handmade mess.
  • Best skating budgie video (yes, I have seen quite a few videos of birds skating so I can give a professional opinion on this).
  • Macrame usually reminds me of 1980’s hanging baskets or owl shaped well hangings, but these macrame bracelets don’t look old fashioned at all.

I hope you’ll be back next week, have a wonderful weekend!


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