The Small Things: Old shoes are the best shoes

chucksLet’s talk about clothes!
Finally it’s warm enough and I get to wear my leather jacket and my old chucks again. Even though I have gathered quite a little collection of fancy shoes by now, these are by far my favourite ones to which I always turn. I own  a pair of black chucks, too, and even another red pair which actually is exactly the same as this one – but it just isn’t. These are way better and I hope they will last for some time to come before they fall apart completely. I bought them in 2007 so they survived quite well I think. I always put in an old pair of soles of a sneaker, what makes Chucks even more comfortable to wear. Try t!

The jacket I got for sale and even managed to negotiate the price and get another discount because of a little stain at the collar, so it was really affordable. And I was really proud that I had the courage to trade because usually I’m to shy.

Do you have clothes you looked forward to wear when it’s finally getting warmer? Which are your favourite shoes?

I’m going out now to enjoy the nice weather, have a great week! Oh and by the way, I got myself a new camera!


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