changes1Once again, I have to make some changes on my blog and especially on my blogging schedule. While I love coming up with new projects and writing tutorials explaining how to make them as well as I love designing all my other posts, I noticed that it’s putting some pressure on me that I have to do it  at a particular time. I’m getting stressed out when I know I have a project post scheduled for the next day, but my project isn’t really finished and the post isn’t written yet. And since blogging is a hobby but not my job, I can’t afford to make it first priority, even if I wanted to. But I want blogging to be fun and not another obligation that’s stressing me to fulfill. So I’m going to cut myself some slack by doing posts according to what I’m in the mood for instead of following a strict weekly schedule. I will keep my categories and posting days for the most parts, but will allow myself to mix it up a little.

I guess I just have to figure out what works best for me. But I still love blogging and am so glad I started this blog!
This is also a great opportunity to say thanks to all of you who stop by, read my posts, like my posts or even leave comments or follow. I really appreciate it and hope you will continue doing so even if there are some little changes.

changes3And to put my plan in action, today I just share some pictures with you. Yesterday I painted paper for some lanterns and loved how the colours turned out. This would also make a great background for an art journal page. It’s a simple wet in wet technique and a part of the effect comes from the paper – I painted on coated paper bags which are thought to hold your break time snack.
Also I’m very happy with the close-ups my new camera is taking.changes2How do you plan your blogging schedule, have you made changes to it in the past and what works best for you to keep blogging fun? Please leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. as a new reader I was unaware you had a schedule so I’m just happy when a creative post pops up. Creating and sharing by blogging shouldn’t = stress for you, just doesn’t seem right.

    • Thanks, I’m really glad you see it this way. I guess loosening my schedule could even be good for my creativity 🙂 Thanks a lot for stopping by!

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