Link Love #13

4151138066_a9e2022184_zImage by webtreats.

When the weather is getting better I find myself spending much less time online. Instead this week I strolled the parks, sat outside drinking coffee and took a lot of pictures with my new camera, which I will share soon.
But now the links for the weekend.

  • A cup of Joe is doing a “Weekly Challenge” and there are some great ideas involved. This week’s challenge is especially interesting: Interview your parents. Last week’s challenge sounds like great fun: Stretch Your Vocabulary.
  • I’m not sure if I find “How Attractive Are You To The Opposite Sex?” Esquire’s 1949 Questionnaire amusing or startling. At least it seems like I have to work on my bridge and dancing skills.
  • Sadly my bookshelves don’t have backpanels, but otherwise I would totally make this papered bookshelf (originally posted by AprillAprill).
  • Sometimes crafts just don’t turn out the way you want them to, no matter how hard you try. Here are some ideas how to deal with these ugly crafts.
  • Usually I back off from DIY beauty products because it always sounds complicated and the ingredients seem hard to get, but these lip balms sound totally doable.
  • This tiny tin cakes look so delicious and I love how Lana Red used tins to bake them in. I guess you could use empty food cans.

Have a great weekend, mine will be busy but hopefully interesting. I’ve got a project and DIY in mind for next week, so I hope to see you here then.


4 thoughts on “Link Love #13

    • You’re welcome! I really liked it, especially since we see so many perfect crafts on the internet but rarely anybody seems to talk about the ones gone wrong.

      • Julie Balzar frequently shows step by step or through videos the process through to creating something that doesn’s turn out quite right, what is learned by it and then, sometimes, correcting or over-painting the original to something more pleassing.

      • Thanks for introducing me to Julie! I haven’t found the posts you talked about on her blog yet, but I love that she’s sharing a lot about Art Journaling. I will keep looking for the “makeover posts” as soon as I have a little bit more time.

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