Bookshelf: 1Q84

1Q84I just finished the third book of 1Q84 and I’m really sad it’s over! A few month ago I read book one and two and didn’t discover that there’s a third book until last week. I couldn’t believe that I missed it before.I’m not going to summarize the story, since I feel that it’s much to complex . You can get an idea what it is about here.
As you already can tell, I enjoyed it a lot. It’s not exactly something new, rather all you can expect from a good Murakami brought to the boil. It starts with two different stories about two main characters, and in the beginning I had no clue how they connect. While at first everything seems normal, at some point strange things happen and you don’t know if they are real, or just in the protagonist’s head. But as the story goes along you get an idea that through these things there has to be a connection between the two protagonists and bit by bit the whole thing comes together (although not all questions get resolced). I really admire it, if an author is able to start at different points of a story and to bring it together at the end (other great examples are Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem and Die Frequenzen by Clemens J. Setz. I think the last one is only available in German). The story is really exciting, at some points I rarely could wait to find out what will happen next, what’s the meaning behind the events and for some things to finally happen which had announced themselves over chapters. In between there’s a lot of confusion, but in my opinion that’s part of a good Murakami, too. Next to the two stories coming together they also develop on their own. Bit by bit you get to know the main characters better and learn about their past, what made them to the persons they are and what brought them to the points of their lives they are currently at. While the personal stories of the main characters add some depth to the story, they are also essential for the overall plot.

All in all I liked the first two books better than the last, since they are more exciting. Although the third one is the one where most of the mysteries are resolved, it’s sometimes a little lengthy. Nonetheless I couldn’t put away one of them. I really wished there was a fourth book.

Have you read it? Did you like it?


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