The Small Things: Rhubarb Tart

cake I love love love cake!
I’m convinced that I have a special stomach just for sweets and perhaps even an extra one just for cake. I can definitely eat more sweets than other food and I usually can always eat pie, no matter how much I’ve eaten before. When I was still living at home, my Mom and I sometimes just had an apple pie for lunch. My favourite kind of cakes are fruit cakes in every variation.

cake1 Today we baked a rhubarb tart with a simple sponge mixture, freshly picked rhubarb from my parents garden,  and beaten egg whites with almonds on top. So yummy! Rhuburb tart is especially delicious, since you can get rhubarb only for a limited time, so for me it’s something special. Fortunately there’s some left for tomorrow and I’m already looking forward to the next one, I’ll definitely bake another one this season!

If you like I can share the recipe – if you’re interested tell me in the comments!

Have an exciting week!


4 thoughts on “The Small Things: Rhubarb Tart

  1. That cake looks very delicious. I wam not a big fan of rhubarb but, I would love to have a piece of it, maybe two.

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