Link Love #18


Image: peregrine blue

I just had a week off, but since it was raining nearly all the time I just hung around and relaxed. This was nice, too.
Here are your links for the weekend.

  • This time it’s not about pimping your old shirts but your old bags, turn them into Arty DIY bags. I especially like the big black and white one. It reminds me of a skeleton.
  • My budgies are sitting in a cage, but it’s because they can’t fly. In generally  I would say it’s much nicer to put Plants in birdcages instead.
  • Did you now there’s a Wiki entry which lists common misconceptions? I just learned that Napoleon actually wasn’t really small, for example.
  • I haven’t tried bleach dyeing yet, but this bleach splattered dress reminded me that I absolutely want to.
  • It’s a pity there isn’t a tutorial, but I really was stunned how you can turn an old jeans into an overall dress.
  • Take a look at the3robbers’ moleskine pages. The other journals are great, too!
  • A smart thought on feminism. 

Have a relaxing weekend and see you next week!


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