Moving: Chaos

I’m sorry there was no link love this week, I just didn’t manage to put one together. I also won’t be able to post this week – the “big move” is scheduled for friday and until than I have a lot to do.

I hope the internet in our new appartement will be running soon, so I guess I will be back by the beginning of next week (and I will be posting from our new home for the first time, how exciting!), so please check in again at this time.

I wish you all a good time and see you soon!


Moving: Sneak Peek

kücheOn Monday we got the keys for our new appartement and yesterday evening we brought the first boxes over. Since it’s so hot at the moment we can’t do much during the days, so I plan to pack stuff by day and bring it over in the evenings.

Yesterday we also bought a washing machine and at the store I discovered a set of red and white polka dot dishes. It included cups, bottom plates, small plates, big plates and soup plates and was totally affordable so I had to have it! I’m really happy about this find, I wanted dishes with red and white polka dots for a long time but never could afford it and also didn’t want to buy it as long as I lived in a shared appartement (things tend to get broken around here).

But enough from the dishes, because actually I wanted to share some first pictures from the new appartement with you. My boyfriend made them with his phone when we first looked at the appartement, so they are a little bit blurry, but you can get an idea how it looks like.

Above you can see part of the kitchen with the red wall – isn’t it beautiful? There’s also another kitchen unit left to the window, so we have a lot of storage and work space.

Here you can see the bathroom, I’m really looking forward to it, as was also obvious in this post!badAnd here’s a sneak peek into one of the rooms. I love the wooden floors and the big windows (you can’t really recognize in the pictures, but in reality they look much bigger).wohnung1This is really what I hoped for – a properly renovated appartement in an old building.

Now I’m off to pack my kitchen stuff, hope you’re having a nice afternoon!

What do you like best about your home?

Projects: Fabric Baskets

stoffkörbeWhile I was separating out my things during the last days, I thought a lot about ways to organise all the small stuff. What works best for me is gathering small things in boxes, baskets or else – so even if its chaos inside, at least  it looks tidy from the outside.

One of my favourites are these little fabric baskets. I made them for my mom some time ago, but will surely make some for myself as soon as we have moved.
I chose different patterned fabrics in red and white, alternating the patterns between the outside and the inside of one basket and between the baskets.
I sewed a big, a small and a little one, if they aren’t used they can be stacked inside each other or they can be folded together.stoffkörbe5

stoffkörbe2 stoffkörbe4I found the pattern or more specifically instructions how to construct the pattern somewhere on the internet, but I just can’t remember where. But there are lots of tutorial on the internet for these.stoffkörbe3

How do you organize your small stuff to keep the room tidy?

Link Love #20

3633429935_85f755d355_zImage by Dan Queiroz

This week I started packing and sorting my stuff – I’m kind of proud because I managed to throw away quite a lot! On the other hand it makes me kind of anxious, because now my home doesn’t feel like home any more. I wonder how long it will take until our new appartement feels like home?
Anyway, here are a few links for you. Have fun!

  • Awesome People Reading is a tumblr full of pictures of, well, awesome people reading. There’s always something very peaceful about people totally absorbed by their books.
  • Did you know you can make your own watercolors?
  • I guess it would be easy to find cheap vinyls on the flea market to make this Vintage Vinyl Dessert Stand.
  • This is one of the best cat DIY’s I’ve seen so far.
  • An original way to think of original ideas.
  • How to make your own polka dot glasses. I’m going to ikea tomorrow and I will buy glasses. I wonder if the paint is dishwasher-proof, because, yes! we’re going to have a dishwasher.
  • This is not only true, but also beautiful. It would look great framed.
  • These fabric gift bags are really cute! I also like that they are reusable. You could make a bunch of them to keep on hand.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Home Inspiration Journal

home inspirationWithin the scope of my “moving-series” I’m showing you some pages from my home inspiration journal. I love to browse through magazines for inspiration, but since I will never find a particular image in the magazine again once I put it away, I started to rip out pages and organize them in different journals – DIY and recipes, for example, and, well, home inspiration.

Here I liked the black and white and slightly “used” look.

home inspiration2On this pages I gathered ideas for plants in windows. I also love the wall sticker with the birds.home inspiration5

DSC00294Usually I’m not into pastels, but I like how it gives the whole room a vintage look.home inspiration4I started sorting out and packing my stuff this afternoon and I already feel kind of overwhelmed. I wonder how people who have a whole house manage to move….

Do you have any tips for house moving?

Moving: What I’m looking forward to

flower cornerAt first the good news: everything went well and we signed the lease on Saturday! So we definitely are moving!

Although I’m in love with the new apartment and am definitely looking forward to it, I also noticed that the whole change isn’t quite easy for me. I lived in my current home for over 7 years now, so there are some ambivalent feelings. Since the topic is occupying me a lot, I thought it would be nice to share some pieces of the process with you.

(By the way – above you can see one of my favourite corners in my room).

I’m moving from a shared appartement to a little three-room appartement with my boyfriend. Although I will miss my room and my roommates very much, there are some things I’m really looking forward to:

  • Spending as much time in the bathroom as I want to. At the moment we have one bathroom for four people, so I’m used to spend as little time as possible in there.
  • Not having to wait until the bathroom’s free.
  • Showering as long as I want to without running out of hot water.
  • Taking a bath.
  • Storing everything in the room I actually need it in, instead of stuffing it all in my room.
  • Having a dishwasher.
  • The red wall in the kitchen.
  • Knowing if I cleaned something in the evening, it still will be clean the next morning.
  • Having three rooms.
  • A non-dripping tap.
  • Living in an old building again, meaning high ceilings, large windows and plank flooring.

It’s so exciting!

If you were moving, what would you wish for your new home?

Link Love #19

8476236590_e09eb6759a_zImage by Wickerfurniture

This week was quite exciting.We decided to move a few weeks ago and have been looking at appartements ever since. We found one that we absolutely loved by the moment we stepped through the door, so this week we waited to hear if we got it and we actually did (at least we have the verbal promise, but I’m always sceptical). If everything is going well, we will be signing the lease tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed!

Anyway, here are a few links you might enjoy.

Have a sunny weekend!

Projects: Placemats

setsThese placemats were also a present I made for my parents. On the upper side I made a patchwork, it’s slightly different on each placemat.

sets1  The back is all in red and white polka dots. I doubled the back with iron on interfacing (is this the right term?) to make it more sturdy. To create the border I folded the margins of the back piece twice and over the front piece. I remember this to be the hardest part, because the corners just wouldn’t fit exactly and I had to redo it several times.


This is also another great project to use fabric remnants for, as you can see some of the fabrics I also used for the fabric flower brooch I showed you last week. The dark blue one actually is from a shirt. It was an XXXL shirt I sewed into a dress and there were some scraps left. I still have the dress. Perhaps I will post about it some day.

What do you use fabric remnants for? I would love to hear your ideas!

The Small Things: Red and White Polka Dots

polka dots1As you may have noticed by now, I really like red and white polka dots. At first I thought it was just a crush, but since it has been going on since years by now, I guess it’s rather a deep love. I love them big and small, on everything possible. This makes me a person very easy to give gifts to, by the way. Just find something with red and white polka dots and I will love it, no matter what it is. We even sticked red and white polka dot paper all over our fridge and I’m dreaming of a red and white dotted wall some day and a kitchen with everything dotted in it. My collection of red and white polka dot dishes is actually already quite impressive – but it’s not enough yet. There can never be enough red and white polka dots!

For the picture I gathered some small things from my collection:

  • Washi Tape
  • Sunglasses my boyfriend gave me for my birthday
  • Necklace from Dawanda
  • Fabric Flower I made some time ago (see a tutorial here)
  • Buttons, also a birthday present from my boyfriend as well as the
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Earrings my mother gave me a few years ago
  • Salt Shaker, shaped like a fly agaric.

Perhaps I’ll make a part two (and three, and four….) for this post, since I have a lot more red and white polka dot stuff!

Do you have a pattern you always feel yourself drawn to?