Moving: What I’m looking forward to

flower cornerAt first the good news: everything went well and we signed the lease on Saturday! So we definitely are moving!

Although I’m in love with the new apartment and am definitely looking forward to it, I also noticed that the whole change isn’t quite easy for me. I lived in my current home for over 7 years now, so there are some ambivalent feelings. Since the topic is occupying me a lot, I thought it would be nice to share some pieces of the process with you.

(By the way – above you can see one of my favourite corners in my room).

I’m moving from a shared appartement to a little three-room appartement with my boyfriend. Although I will miss my room and my roommates very much, there are some things I’m really looking forward to:

  • Spending as much time in the bathroom as I want to. At the moment we have one bathroom for four people, so I’m used to spend as little time as possible in there.
  • Not having to wait until the bathroom’s free.
  • Showering as long as I want to without running out of hot water.
  • Taking a bath.
  • Storing everything in the room I actually need it in, instead of stuffing it all in my room.
  • Having a dishwasher.
  • The red wall in the kitchen.
  • Knowing if I cleaned something in the evening, it still will be clean the next morning.
  • Having three rooms.
  • A non-dripping tap.
  • Living in an old building again, meaning high ceilings, large windows and plank flooring.

It’s so exciting!

If you were moving, what would you wish for your new home?


2 thoughts on “Moving: What I’m looking forward to

  1. I am busy thinning out our belongings prior to a move across the country. As i pack up my bookbinding /art supplies i look forward to setting them up in a new spot in our next house. How have you managed to create in your shared apartment? will you have more create space in your new place?

    • I had a really big room (about 30 qm2), so it wasn’t really a problem – although I did most of my crafting and creating on the floor. And I had to pack my stuff away when I was finished. In our new appartment we’re going to install a “work-and-craft-room”. I hope I can fit in a large table and some open shelves. I would love to find a system where I could leave my sewing machine, art supplies and projects I’m working on “in the open”, without having to pack them away in between. What are your plans for your new crafting area? I would love to hear!

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