Moving: New Chaos

6930838882_3166bbbf23_zImage by Moyan Brenn

Above you can see an image of our new appartement. We’re already finished decorating.
Just kidding, of course, but at the moment it feels as chaotic as in the pictures around here. At least the bedroom and the kitchen are only half cluttered.

The final house moving went quite well. A friend of ours came by with his bus and thanks to our great helpers everything arrived at the new appartement in under three hours. We were really lucky to get the keys two weeks before the final moving date, so we managed to bring everything but the furniture before. The only thing broken so far is my big mirror, but that’s ok. A new one goes on my list of things I want to have for the appartement. I guess I there are some trips to Ikea in the near future. I also finally want a good vacuum cleaner, which actually vacuums the dirt and not only moves it around.

And I already love our kitchen, finally I can spread as much red and white polka dots as I want to (luckily, my boyfriend is quite tolerant of it as long as it’s also functional). I only wish our living room was finished or there was some clear space on the couch at least. Concerning sleeping I’m still adjusting, so I’m really tired. There only are old window shutters (which I love otherwise) which don’t deter the light from outside properly, so I wake up at sunrise (and that’s not the time I usually get up if I can avoid it in any way). But I guess I will get used to it. Oh, and I already took a bath! It was dreamy!

And in case you’re wondering, the budgies survived the moving quite well. They were a little bit stressed because they had to change place a few times, but now they are back up on their bookshelf, so everything’s fine again. For me it’s just a little bit irritating not to have them arround all the time any more. In our shared appartement I only had one room so they were always near me when I was home. Now they are standing in the living room. The hardest part for me is that I can’t say good night to them any more just before shutting the light. But I do it anyway, although they can’t hear me (and I force my boyfriend to do it, too). Somehow it calms me.

Anyhow, as you can see in my free associations I’m really tired so I better go to bed now.

I guess it will take some more time until I’m back on my regular schedule, but I’ll keep you posted.

Have a good week!


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