Link Love #21

6118164352_8834543c08_zImage: jenni from the block

Hello there!

As you probably noticed, I have some troubles picking up my usual posting schedule again. There’s still a lot to do around the appartement and the weather has been so nice lately! Also I will be starting a new job at the beginning of August. I’m really excited about it, but I will work more hours than I do now, so it will take some time to adjust my daily life and time management. Since I’m blogging for fun, I don’t want to make any excuses. I just want to say that it will be a little bit slow around here for some more time.

Here are some links for the weekend. Enjoy!

  • Elsie painted her patio tiles. It looks great!
  • A clever way to make a beaded statement necklace. I love the idea of using safety pins.
  • I never made flavoured water before, but I want to try one of these.
  • You know how much I love birds. And I guess I told you there’s a little garden coming with the new appartement which we can use by next summer. And I’m totally doing this tea pot bird bath! It would be so great to sit there and watch the little birds taking a bath. I’m already getting excited.
  • Want to know what’s in your average cup of coffee?
  • Since we’re living a tiny little bit less central  than before, I reactivated my bicycle. Although these fabric bike baskets are for children, I would love to make one for my bike.

Have a great and sunny weekend!


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