Moving: New Chaos

6930838882_3166bbbf23_zImage by Moyan Brenn

Above you can see an image of our new appartement. We’re already finished decorating.
Just kidding, of course, but at the moment it feels as chaotic as in the pictures around here. At least the bedroom and the kitchen are only half cluttered.

The final house moving went quite well. A friend of ours came by with his bus and thanks to our great helpers everything arrived at the new appartement in under three hours. We were really lucky to get the keys two weeks before the final moving date, so we managed to bring everything but the furniture before. The only thing broken so far is my big mirror, but that’s ok. A new one goes on my list of things I want to have for the appartement. I guess I there are some trips to Ikea in the near future. I also finally want a good vacuum cleaner, which actually vacuums the dirt and not only moves it around.

And I already love our kitchen, finally I can spread as much red and white polka dots as I want to (luckily, my boyfriend is quite tolerant of it as long as it’s also functional). I only wish our living room was finished or there was some clear space on the couch at least. Concerning sleeping I’m still adjusting, so I’m really tired. There only are old window shutters (which I love otherwise) which don’t deter the light from outside properly, so I wake up at sunrise (and that’s not the time I usually get up if I can avoid it in any way). But I guess I will get used to it. Oh, and I already took a bath! It was dreamy!

And in case you’re wondering, the budgies survived the moving quite well. They were a little bit stressed because they had to change place a few times, but now they are back up on their bookshelf, so everything’s fine again. For me it’s just a little bit irritating not to have them arround all the time any more. In our shared appartement I only had one room so they were always near me when I was home. Now they are standing in the living room. The hardest part for me is that I can’t say good night to them any more just before shutting the light. But I do it anyway, although they can’t hear me (and I force my boyfriend to do it, too). Somehow it calms me.

Anyhow, as you can see in my free associations I’m really tired so I better go to bed now.

I guess it will take some more time until I’m back on my regular schedule, but I’ll keep you posted.

Have a good week!


Moving: Chaos

I’m sorry there was no link love this week, I just didn’t manage to put one together. I also won’t be able to post this week – the “big move” is scheduled for friday and until than I have a lot to do.

I hope the internet in our new appartement will be running soon, so I guess I will be back by the beginning of next week (and I will be posting from our new home for the first time, how exciting!), so please check in again at this time.

I wish you all a good time and see you soon!

Moving: Sneak Peek

kücheOn Monday we got the keys for our new appartement and yesterday evening we brought the first boxes over. Since it’s so hot at the moment we can’t do much during the days, so I plan to pack stuff by day and bring it over in the evenings.

Yesterday we also bought a washing machine and at the store I discovered a set of red and white polka dot dishes. It included cups, bottom plates, small plates, big plates and soup plates and was totally affordable so I had to have it! I’m really happy about this find, I wanted dishes with red and white polka dots for a long time but never could afford it and also didn’t want to buy it as long as I lived in a shared appartement (things tend to get broken around here).

But enough from the dishes, because actually I wanted to share some first pictures from the new appartement with you. My boyfriend made them with his phone when we first looked at the appartement, so they are a little bit blurry, but you can get an idea how it looks like.

Above you can see part of the kitchen with the red wall – isn’t it beautiful? There’s also another kitchen unit left to the window, so we have a lot of storage and work space.

Here you can see the bathroom, I’m really looking forward to it, as was also obvious in this post!badAnd here’s a sneak peek into one of the rooms. I love the wooden floors and the big windows (you can’t really recognize in the pictures, but in reality they look much bigger).wohnung1This is really what I hoped for – a properly renovated appartement in an old building.

Now I’m off to pack my kitchen stuff, hope you’re having a nice afternoon!

What do you like best about your home?


spring3I didn’t have the time to make a tutorial for the paper daisies, yet. Instead I’m sharing a few pictures I took the last days.spring4 spring2I love that since the weather is getting warmer everything is starting to get green and to bloom. I love spring, it’s my favourite season. If it were up to me it would be spring all year.spring1The almond blossoms I photographed at the town square, there are a lot of almond trees. It looks lovely.spring5 spring6 spring9 spring8 spring7The other one’s I took while hanging around in a park.

I never thought I would be talking that much about nature and especially flowers on this blog. Seems like I love them more than I knew myself.

Which is your favourite season?


changes1Once again, I have to make some changes on my blog and especially on my blogging schedule. While I love coming up with new projects and writing tutorials explaining how to make them as well as I love designing all my other posts, I noticed that it’s putting some pressure on me that I have to do it  at a particular time. I’m getting stressed out when I know I have a project post scheduled for the next day, but my project isn’t really finished and the post isn’t written yet. And since blogging is a hobby but not my job, I can’t afford to make it first priority, even if I wanted to. But I want blogging to be fun and not another obligation that’s stressing me to fulfill. So I’m going to cut myself some slack by doing posts according to what I’m in the mood for instead of following a strict weekly schedule. I will keep my categories and posting days for the most parts, but will allow myself to mix it up a little.

I guess I just have to figure out what works best for me. But I still love blogging and am so glad I started this blog!
This is also a great opportunity to say thanks to all of you who stop by, read my posts, like my posts or even leave comments or follow. I really appreciate it and hope you will continue doing so even if there are some little changes.

changes3And to put my plan in action, today I just share some pictures with you. Yesterday I painted paper for some lanterns and loved how the colours turned out. This would also make a great background for an art journal page. It’s a simple wet in wet technique and a part of the effect comes from the paper – I painted on coated paper bags which are thought to hold your break time snack.
Also I’m very happy with the close-ups my new camera is taking.changes2How do you plan your blogging schedule, have you made changes to it in the past and what works best for you to keep blogging fun? Please leave a comment!

Link Love #4

6871900193_eb3c5729ee_zImage by fred_v

The last days were very busy for me, so this week’s Link Love is kind of short, but hopefully inspiring.

Have a great weekend!

Introducing: The Small Things

smallthings2I just started blogging, therefore I’m still figuring some things out, like my schedule. I originally planed to do a book review every other Monday, but  even though I am a bookworm and a fast reader, this just didn’t work out. Also doing projects and a tutorial every week is something I can’t come up with, therefore I wanted to keep the two-week-schedule for this categories. So I thought about another category or another topic I wanted to write about. I think a blog is not only great for sharing stuff, but also for trying out new things and as an instrument to set focus on things otherwise tend to be forgotten. And I also think I could use my blog to improve my life a little bit. So I came up with this idea:
In times that are rather difficult, I tend  to forget that there are always good things, too. Even if they are small. So I want to use this blog to remind me of this good things and share them with you.

It’s hard not to drown

artjournal1This is what happened to the blue watercolour background I showed you yesterday. Since the pattern of the watercolour reminded me of rain, I continued with this association in mind.
I cut out an image and rain drops from a magazine and added more watercolours, coloured pencil, dots in black ink and writing in black ink and felt pen.

I naturally had my own thoughts when making this, but I really would like to know what thoughts and associations come to your mind when looking at this page, so please leave a comment!

Hello there

redI’m still in the planing phase for this blog, but hopefully soon you will be reading here about

  • DIY Projects, including crafting, sewing, knitting, painting….
  • Tutorials on DIY Projects and Art Journaling
  • books I liked
  • things that inspire me

and propbably about a few things more.

So feel free to check in again in a few days. Thanks!