Link Love #21

6118164352_8834543c08_zImage: jenni from the block

Hello there!

As you probably noticed, I have some troubles picking up my usual posting schedule again. There’s still a lot to do around the appartement and the weather has been so nice lately! Also I will be starting a new job at the beginning of August. I’m really excited about it, but I will work more hours than I do now, so it will take some time to adjust my daily life and time management. Since I’m blogging for fun, I don’t want to make any excuses. I just want to say that it will be a little bit slow around here for some more time.

Here are some links for the weekend. Enjoy!

  • Elsie painted her patio tiles. It looks great!
  • A clever way to make a beaded statement necklace. I love the idea of using safety pins.
  • I never made flavoured water before, but I want to try one of these.
  • You know how much I love birds. And I guess I told you there’s a little garden coming with the new appartement which we can use by next summer. And I’m totally doing this tea pot bird bath! It would be so great to sit there and watch the little birds taking a bath. I’m already getting excited.
  • Want to know what’s in your average cup of coffee?
  • Since we’re living a tiny little bit less central  than before, I reactivated my bicycle. Although these fabric bike baskets are for children, I would love to make one for my bike.

Have a great and sunny weekend!


Link Love #20

3633429935_85f755d355_zImage by Dan Queiroz

This week I started packing and sorting my stuff – I’m kind of proud because I managed to throw away quite a lot! On the other hand it makes me kind of anxious, because now my home doesn’t feel like home any more. I wonder how long it will take until our new appartement feels like home?
Anyway, here are a few links for you. Have fun!

  • Awesome People Reading is a tumblr full of pictures of, well, awesome people reading. There’s always something very peaceful about people totally absorbed by their books.
  • Did you know you can make your own watercolors?
  • I guess it would be easy to find cheap vinyls on the flea market to make this Vintage Vinyl Dessert Stand.
  • This is one of the best cat DIY’s I’ve seen so far.
  • An original way to think of original ideas.
  • How to make your own polka dot glasses. I’m going to ikea tomorrow and I will buy glasses. I wonder if the paint is dishwasher-proof, because, yes! we’re going to have a dishwasher.
  • This is not only true, but also beautiful. It would look great framed.
  • These fabric gift bags are really cute! I also like that they are reusable. You could make a bunch of them to keep on hand.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Link Love #19

8476236590_e09eb6759a_zImage by Wickerfurniture

This week was quite exciting.We decided to move a few weeks ago and have been looking at appartements ever since. We found one that we absolutely loved by the moment we stepped through the door, so this week we waited to hear if we got it and we actually did (at least we have the verbal promise, but I’m always sceptical). If everything is going well, we will be signing the lease tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed!

Anyway, here are a few links you might enjoy.

Have a sunny weekend!

Link Love #17


Image: peregrine blue

Every week I tell myself to directly copy the links of posts and articles I liked into a Link Love List, but I never do it. And every Friday I regret it. Anyway – enjoy the links!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Link Love #16

4514943229_61e6d596e2_zImage: Rookuzz

Even though this week was quite uneventful, it was kind of exhausting, I don’t know why. Now I’m for a mini vacation at my parents, which is always very relaxing.  Here are some links for the weekend.

Have a nice long weekend – do you have any plans?

Link Love #15

6472174715_1db0997c77_zImage: couscouschocolat

This week was pretty slow, among others because my pulled tooth is still bugging me. But at least it’s slowly getting better. Here are a few links I stumbled across this week.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Link Love #14

7070793787_72b0fca4c3_zImage by TheCreativePenn

This week was even busier than the ones before, so this round-up is kind of short. I spend a lot of time at the festival and this afternoon we’re going to craft the trophies for the grand award ceremony tomorrow, so again I’m a bit in a hurry.  So here we go:

Have a great weekend!

Link Love #13

4151138066_a9e2022184_zImage by webtreats.

When the weather is getting better I find myself spending much less time online. Instead this week I strolled the parks, sat outside drinking coffee and took a lot of pictures with my new camera, which I will share soon.
But now the links for the weekend.

  • A cup of Joe is doing a “Weekly Challenge” and there are some great ideas involved. This week’s challenge is especially interesting: Interview your parents. Last week’s challenge sounds like great fun: Stretch Your Vocabulary.
  • I’m not sure if I find “How Attractive Are You To The Opposite Sex?” Esquire’s 1949 Questionnaire amusing or startling. At least it seems like I have to work on my bridge and dancing skills.
  • Sadly my bookshelves don’t have backpanels, but otherwise I would totally make this papered bookshelf (originally posted by AprillAprill).
  • Sometimes crafts just don’t turn out the way you want them to, no matter how hard you try. Here are some ideas how to deal with these ugly crafts.
  • Usually I back off from DIY beauty products because it always sounds complicated and the ingredients seem hard to get, but these lip balms sound totally doable.
  • This tiny tin cakes look so delicious and I love how Lana Red used tins to bake them in. I guess you could use empty food cans.

Have a great weekend, mine will be busy but hopefully interesting. I’ve got a project and DIY in mind for next week, so I hope to see you here then.

Link Love #12

4987231287_e6027cab8c_zImage by lizard10979

This week was a very good week or better, yesterday was a very good day. I got some great news and it happened in a way I dreamed it would but always thought it would never happen this way, because if you imagine how something can go really bad, it will happen and if you imagine how something could go very very well, it won’t, you know what I mean? (Yes, I’m working on that attitude). And that’s why I won’t tell what it is, yet, because it could still go wrong (I’m working on this, too).

Here are some links for the weekend.

Happy weekend and thanks for reading!

Link Love #11


Image by Dakiny

I’m late with my post again today and this time I even don’t have a proper excuse. I guess I should just loosen my blogging schedule a bit.

Yesterday I planted my balcony with daisies, forget-me-nots and pansies, but since it’s still very cold around here I guess I have to keep them covered to protect them from the temperatures and can’t even see them. Actually, I really like winter, but this year it just won’t go away and I am really sick of it. I will keep on complaining and posting spring pictures until spring is finally here – although I’m afraid that spring will be skipped this year and we will go straight to summer which I hate, because I guess spring is my favourite season. But enough complaining for today, here are some links to pass your time with over the weekend.

  • Obviously, Ugly is the new pretty. I think it’s great that people dare to be imperfect.
  • I loved to Tye dye when I was younger, so although you can buy Tye dye stuff everywhere right now I’d rather make it myself since the process is half the fun! Here are 50 DIY Tye dye projects to start with.
  • Why trying something and then deciding it’s just not right for you can be very useful.
  • Learn How to create a Style Guide for you blog.
  • “What are you going to do with that?” An encouragement to find your own individual way.

    “It means figuring out what you want for yourself, not what your parents want, or your peers want, or your school wants, or your society wants. Originating your own values. Thinking your way toward your own definition of success. Not simply accepting the life that you’ve been handed. Not simply accepting the choices you’ve been handed.(…) The world is much larger than you can imagine right now. Which means, you are much larger than you can imagine.”

  • Another T-Shirt Makeover. Also I can totally relate to the name of the blog where I found this: A handmade mess.
  • Best skating budgie video (yes, I have seen quite a few videos of birds skating so I can give a professional opinion on this).
  • Macrame usually reminds me of 1980’s hanging baskets or owl shaped well hangings, but these macrame bracelets don’t look old fashioned at all.

I hope you’ll be back next week, have a wonderful weekend!