The Small Things: Bunch of Flowers

straußSince we moved, I like to have a bunch of flowers in the kitchen, I think it brightens up a room immediately.

So far I bought them at the weekly market. If you come rather late (like I usually do) you can buy them at a reduced price. I love that this one is a mixture of so many different kind of flowers and doesn’t look too polished, like picked from a garden. This is especially great since I never can decide which kind of flowers I like the most.strauß1strauß2Do you have a favourite flower?


The Small Things: Red and White Polka Dots

polka dots1As you may have noticed by now, I really like red and white polka dots. At first I thought it was just a crush, but since it has been going on since years by now, I guess it’s rather a deep love. I love them big and small, on everything possible. This makes me a person very easy to give gifts to, by the way. Just find something with red and white polka dots and I will love it, no matter what it is. We even sticked red and white polka dot paper all over our fridge and I’m dreaming of a red and white dotted wall some day and a kitchen with everything dotted in it. My collection of red and white polka dot dishes is actually already quite impressive – but it’s not enough yet. There can never be enough red and white polka dots!

For the picture I gathered some small things from my collection:

  • Washi Tape
  • Sunglasses my boyfriend gave me for my birthday
  • Necklace from Dawanda
  • Fabric Flower I made some time ago (see a tutorial here)
  • Buttons, also a birthday present from my boyfriend as well as the
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Earrings my mother gave me a few years ago
  • Salt Shaker, shaped like a fly agaric.

Perhaps I’ll make a part two (and three, and four….) for this post, since I have a lot more red and white polka dot stuff!

Do you have a pattern you always feel yourself drawn to?

The Small Things: Rhubarb Tart

cake I love love love cake!
I’m convinced that I have a special stomach just for sweets and perhaps even an extra one just for cake. I can definitely eat more sweets than other food and I usually can always eat pie, no matter how much I’ve eaten before. When I was still living at home, my Mom and I sometimes just had an apple pie for lunch. My favourite kind of cakes are fruit cakes in every variation.

cake1 Today we baked a rhubarb tart with a simple sponge mixture, freshly picked rhubarb from my parents garden,  and beaten egg whites with almonds on top. So yummy! Rhuburb tart is especially delicious, since you can get rhubarb only for a limited time, so for me it’s something special. Fortunately there’s some left for tomorrow and I’m already looking forward to the next one, I’ll definitely bake another one this season!

If you like I can share the recipe – if you’re interested tell me in the comments!

Have an exciting week!

The small things: all shades of green

green9What I really love about spring next to the flowers are all the fresh shades of green that appear everywhere. I can’t really remember if it has been like this the years before, but this year I’m really enjoying it and find it very energizing and refreshing, but also very calming and relaxing. I just want to dive into it. Perhaps it’s because it took spring so long to finally arrive. However, I just can’t get enough of it. I know I repeat myself, but I want it to be spring all year long!

And I actually managed to take a walk today on my own, in spite of my fear of dogs. I met some, but surprisingly they didn’t take an interest in me. I’m a little bit proud of myself. The area I walked through is so beautiful, there’s a little river, fields and a lot of trees and I guess I couldn’t have found more green anywhere near. It was great.green8 green7 green6 green5 green4 green3 green2 green1 green

The Small Things: Old shoes are the best shoes

chucksLet’s talk about clothes!
Finally it’s warm enough and I get to wear my leather jacket and my old chucks again. Even though I have gathered quite a little collection of fancy shoes by now, these are by far my favourite ones to which I always turn. I own  a pair of black chucks, too, and even another red pair which actually is exactly the same as this one – but it just isn’t. These are way better and I hope they will last for some time to come before they fall apart completely. I bought them in 2007 so they survived quite well I think. I always put in an old pair of soles of a sneaker, what makes Chucks even more comfortable to wear. Try t!

The jacket I got for sale and even managed to negotiate the price and get another discount because of a little stain at the collar, so it was really affordable. And I was really proud that I had the courage to trade because usually I’m to shy.

Do you have clothes you looked forward to wear when it’s finally getting warmer? Which are your favourite shoes?

I’m going out now to enjoy the nice weather, have a great week! Oh and by the way, I got myself a new camera!

The Small Things: Taking a walk


Image by Pazit Polak

While I’m with my parents my general rhythm is a little off and so is my blogging schedule. I’m a little bit late with this weeks small thing, but here it is.

Visiting my parents we go out for a walk nearly everyday, since you can reach the outdoors within minutes. The landscape in the region where they live and where I grew up is very beautiful, with lots of woods, fields, water, hills and ruins of castles and on clear days you can even see the alps.
Today we took a walk along the edge of the woods with a lovely view over the lake, and even the sun came out after the grey and snowy weather over the last days. At the end we even picked some bear’s garlic which was growing there naturally to mak a bear’s garlic soup for dinner. I also love to come home after a long walk in the cold and to have a hot cup of coffee or tea, preferably with a piece of cake.

Where I live the landscape is beautiful, too, with woods, vineyards, hills and ruins, but sadly I rarely go there for a walk. On the one hand you usually have to drive a few kilometres to get to the woods, and on the other hand I don’t always find someone to come with me (and I don’t want to go alone because I’m totally afraid of dogs). And sometimes I just don’t think of going for a walk. But every time I’m with my parents I remember how much I like to be in the open countryside, especially in the woods. I think it’s a good resolution for this spring (when it finally arrives) to do it more often.

Do you like to go for a walk? How does your favourite stroll look like?

The Small Things: Paula and Victor

pauli-und-victor This post is long overdue, since these two green fluffy guys may be small but for me, they are great. Their names are Paula (usually called Pauli) and Victor, so obviously Paula is a girl and Victor is a boy. I adopted them from my former room-mate, together with a third one, Kiwi. Kiwi has died in the meantime (he was older than these two, I guess), and even though I was very sad when he died, I have to say that Paula and Victor are better of without him. I know this sounds hard, but he wasn’t very nice to them most of the time, he definitely was the alpha animal and clearly domineered over the two little ones, so since he’s gone they seem to be much happier. I once tried to separate Kiwi from Paula and Victor, but they kept on calling each other so this didn’t work out either, and they rather seemed to be a little annoyed by him than being seperated.Now they kiss and feed each other all day (which wasn’t possible when Kiwi lived, since he always disturbed them and shooed them around) and seem to be madly in love with each other. victorVictor is the more agile one of them, he’s jumping around and singing all day. In the picture he apparently isn’t satisfied with his apple. They like cucumber way better, they love it!

pauliPaula is a little bit bitchy, but this apparently is normal for female budgies. Here she’s sitting on one of their swings, which is one of her favourite places.

They both aren’t able to fly, due to an illness called “Französische Mauser” in German, but I couldn’t find an English term. This means that they loose their feathers during the first moult like every other budgie, but in case of the illness the feathers don’t regrow properly or at all. I guess that Paula and Victor have less or deformed remiges, since this is the only part of their feathering where I can see anything unusual, apart from that they look fine.
They live in a cage landscape build from two cages, which is long, but rather shallow, so it’s not too bad when they fall (what sometimes does happen).
Actually, they can’t do anything, they aren’t tame (since they were too old to tame them when I got them), they can’t speak and they can’t even fly, but I can’t help it, I just adore them and could watch them all day long being cute and go on and on about them. I would love to do a regular series about them, but I think this would get boring soon for everybody else but me (but if you think otherwise, please let me know, I would love to tell you more about them. I’m actually fighting hard to keep it kind of short in this post).

The pictures are actually old ones, but since they hate everything unusual around their home, I spared them (and me, I always suffer along with them) to take new ones. And they look young as ever anyway.

If there’s anybody who’s the owner of budgies or likes to talk about budgies or wants to share his thoughts on Paula and Victor (aren’t they cute?), please leave a comment!

The Small things: Brave little green something

blumenkasten-1I’ve got a very little balcony which is already kind of crowded when two people try to sit next to each other and since the view onto the street corner isn’t really lovely, I mostly just use it to hang a few flower boxes (but I’m still determined to host a vegetarian barbecue out there one day).Three of the flower boxes I replant every spring, but one of them is just allowed to do and grow whatever it likes. The only thing I do is to put in a succulent if a pretty one comes my way. It’s mostly moss that is growing in there, but in spring there often are little pink flowers blooming, last summer a snapdragon I kept in a flowerpot spread its seeds and gave me another snapdragon inside the flower box which bloomed until late autumn and I even had three little trees in there before, but sadly they didn’t make it  through winter.

blumenkasten-2And now, in the middle of winter, there suddenly was this new green something. I have no clue what it could be, it’s looking like a kind of ivy, bu I’m not sure….does anyone know what it is? Probably it’s just weed. But anyway, I think it’s beautiful and I was very pleased to find something growing during this cold season!

I’m already looking forward to replant the other flower boxes, I’ve also seen the first spring flowers in the shops. My favourites for spring are red daisies, forget-me-nots and pansys. Which are your favourite spring flowers, any suggestions what I should get?

The Small Things: Bird Watching


Visiting my parents I could spent hours watching little birds through the kitchen window. They are so adorable! In winter you can find them flying and jumping around the birdbox and I am always astonished how they interact with each other. Each species has its own habits. The robin redbreast always comes alone, while the finches and sparrows always bob up in swarms. Tomtits always just take one grain at a time and fly to the next bush to break it there, while the blackbirds occupy the birdbox and throw more of the grains out than eating them. In summer there’s a good view to a nesting box, where you can watch little blue tits slip in and out, carrying nesting material and later on food for their offspring.

birds2Some time ago I started a little series featuring birds, using brown paper, gesso, watercolours, acrylics, inc-pencil and scraps of magazine pages. Two pieces of it are pictured above. Can you guess which species I tried to copy?

Do you have a bird house or nesting box?