Moving: What I’m looking forward to

flower cornerAt first the good news: everything went well and we signed the lease on Saturday! So we definitely are moving!

Although I’m in love with the new apartment and am definitely looking forward to it, I also noticed that the whole change isn’t quite easy for me. I lived in my current home for over 7 years now, so there are some ambivalent feelings. Since the topic is occupying me a lot, I thought it would be nice to share some pieces of the process with you.

(By the way – above you can see one of my favourite corners in my room).

I’m moving from a shared appartement to a little three-room appartement with my boyfriend. Although I will miss my room and my roommates very much, there are some things I’m really looking forward to:

  • Spending as much time in the bathroom as I want to. At the moment we have one bathroom for four people, so I’m used to spend as little time as possible in there.
  • Not having to wait until the bathroom’s free.
  • Showering as long as I want to without running out of hot water.
  • Taking a bath.
  • Storing everything in the room I actually need it in, instead of stuffing it all in my room.
  • Having a dishwasher.
  • The red wall in the kitchen.
  • Knowing if I cleaned something in the evening, it still will be clean the next morning.
  • Having three rooms.
  • A non-dripping tap.
  • Living in an old building again, meaning high ceilings, large windows and plank flooring.

It’s so exciting!

If you were moving, what would you wish for your new home?


Link Love #18


Image: peregrine blue

I just had a week off, but since it was raining nearly all the time I just hung around and relaxed. This was nice, too.
Here are your links for the weekend.

  • This time it’s not about pimping your old shirts but your old bags, turn them into Arty DIY bags. I especially like the big black and white one. It reminds me of a skeleton.
  • My budgies are sitting in a cage, but it’s because they can’t fly. In generally  I would say it’s much nicer to put Plants in birdcages instead.
  • Did you now there’s a Wiki entry which lists common misconceptions? I just learned that Napoleon actually wasn’t really small, for example.
  • I haven’t tried bleach dyeing yet, but this bleach splattered dress reminded me that I absolutely want to.
  • It’s a pity there isn’t a tutorial, but I really was stunned how you can turn an old jeans into an overall dress.
  • Take a look at the3robbers’ moleskine pages. The other journals are great, too!
  • A smart thought on feminism. 

Have a relaxing weekend and see you next week!

I got pulled out a tooth this morning and just don’t feel like writing a proper post, I’m sorry. Perhaps I will catch up on the link love post over the weekend, we’ll see.

Have a nice weekend!

Projects: Feathery Birds

birds1  As I mentioned before I’m a co-organizer of the La.Meko Filmfestival. Among others (like making the collage for the print products), it’s my task to make the decoration (or actually, I insist on doing it). Since we decided to do kind of a spring theme this year, I’m currently experimenting with different DIYs matching this theme. One idea were these birds – on the one hand I love birds and on the other hands, I absolutely associate them with spring.

birds4I made birds out of paper before, but since I get bored doing the same over and over again, I wanted to come up with another way.bird2The yellow one is looking a little bit tousled. It was the first one I made so it was a lot of trial and error.


After I was finished I nearly looked like a very tousled bird myself, since little feather pieces were sticking all over me!
I’ll show you how I made them on Wednesday, although I’m not completely satisfied (again), I think they are a little bit trashy….what do you think?

Have a good start into the week!

Mixed Media: Spring Fever

la,mekoUsually I would talk about Art Journaling today, but instead I want to share this mixed media piece with you. I had it in line for quite a while, but this week seemed to be a good opportunity since I’m with my parents and neither had the time nor my usual supplies for an Art Journaling post.

The techniques I applied in this piece are actually very similar to the ones I use for my more elaborate journal pages. For me the difference is that Art Journaling is more about the process and expression, while this collage had a clear intention. Since years I’m a co-organizer of the La.Meko Kurzfilmfestival, an annual short film festival. For the last years I got to do the neat job of making a collage which could be used for our print products and our homepage. Since we changed the date of the festival from autumn to spring this year (which allowed us to spend the winter evenings instead of the summer nights watching and choosing short films for our program, which was much more pleasant), we decided to do a springlike theme, which I tried to implement in the collage, along with a “design” that easily allowed to add text. The collage serves as a background for our posters and postcards as well as for our homepage.

la,meko2For the flower field I used watercolours, acrylics, snippets of magazine pages and crayons, as well as a puncher to create the little blue flowers and the bottoms of jam jars to print the big circles. The origami butterflies I made out of origami paper and water colours. My favourite parts are the ladybugs (even though the one on the left looks a little bit mean and dangerous) and the bee (or is it a wasp?). They consist of drawing paper, coloured pencil, felt tip, acrylics and tracing paper.

If you are interested you can find out more about the La.Meko Filmfestival here (and can also see the collage included in the website).

I hope I could at least bring you a little feeling of spring – it’s still grey in grey here. Has spring already arrived somewhere out there? If yes, please let us know and give us a little bit of hope in the comments!

Link Love #8

5883409870_f2be84c162_zImage by athomeshesatourist

This week it was totally winter again, but since yesterday the sun is coming out, leaving me eagerly awaiting spring (again). Therefore amongst other things this week’s roundup includes some spring inspiration (meaning paper flowers) (again).

What left me a little bit lost the past days was the news that google reader is shutting down. I used it every day and for me it was the reader that met my demands best. Now I’m trying Bloglovin, which seems to be fine. Do you have any other recommendations for a good reader?

Have a good weekend and hopefully see you again next week!

You can make this! Washer and ribbon bracelet

tutbracelet1As I showed you on Monday, I have made quite a few bracelets over the years. One of my favourites is the one made of different ribbons and washers from the hardware store because of the combination of edgy and delicate materials. I put together a tutorial so you can make one, too.

You need:

  • About 15 washers from the hardware store, I used three different sizes
  • Three different kinds of ribbon; I used a wide flat leather strap, some kind of chiffon ribbon and a piece of black wool
  • Scissors
  1. Cut your ribbons to the same length, the length depending on how often you want to wrap the bracelet around your wrist. Mine was about 1m, but I think it’s best to try it out.
  2. Knot the ribbons together, close to one of the ends. If the overhanging ends are too long or not the same length, cut so it’s neat.tutbracelet3
  3. Pull the leather strap through the hole of the first washer, from bottom to top (see the picture).tutbracelet4
  4. Grab both the other ribbons and pull them through the hole of the washer, too, but this time from top to bottom (see the arrows in the next picture). This secures the washers but still lets you adjust their positions.
  5. Add the next washer in the same way: first pull the leather strap through the whole of the washer, from bottom to top, than both the other ribbons from top to bottom.tutbracelet6
  6. Keep on adding washers until you’re satisfied with the amount. I like to alternate the different sizes.
  7. Add a last washer at the end where you didn’t make the knot before. Pull the leather strap through the washer and knot the leather strap with both the other ribbons. Cut off any overhanging ends.tutbracelet7
  8. Tie a second knot to the end where you made a knot at the beginning. The distance between the knots should be just large enough to pull  the washer you tied to the other end through.tutbracelet8
  9. Spread the washers evenly along the length of the ribbons….and your new bracelet is finished!
    tutbracelet9If you have any questions, please let me know! Which colours or kind of ribbons would you use? If you have any thoughts on this, I would greatly appreciate it, if you leave a comment!

Art Journaling: The Colour Blue

Today I just needed myself to calm down and relax a little bit. While blue can lead to a quite moody look, for me it’s also the colour most calming, especially the lighter shades.blueSo I did a blue page today and thought it would be fun to share the process. Above you can see some colour swatches (see this little notebook here).

I started by ripping out pieces of blue paper from magazines and glued them onto the page.
relax1Than I added some blue watercolours….relax2 gesso to lighten it up…
relax3and a picture of a women I cut from a magazine, as well as some other scraps and doodles.Than I painted over the woman with gesso, watercolours and black ball pen.realx4Finally I finished with some more doodles and colour and a little bit of lettering.
relax5I don’t really like the result, I think it’s quite boring, but since I’m not talking art but Art Journaling, it’s more about the process, so I share it anyway.

Which impact do certain shades of colour have on you? Which is your calming colour?