Moving: What I’m looking forward to

flower cornerAt first the good news: everything went well and we signed the lease on Saturday! So we definitely are moving!

Although I’m in love with the new apartment and am definitely looking forward to it, I also noticed that the whole change isn’t quite easy for me. I lived in my current home for over 7 years now, so there are some ambivalent feelings. Since the topic is occupying me a lot, I thought it would be nice to share some pieces of the process with you.

(By the way – above you can see one of my favourite corners in my room).

I’m moving from a shared appartement to a little three-room appartement with my boyfriend. Although I will miss my room and my roommates very much, there are some things I’m really looking forward to:

  • Spending as much time in the bathroom as I want to. At the moment we have one bathroom for four people, so I’m used to spend as little time as possible in there.
  • Not having to wait until the bathroom’s free.
  • Showering as long as I want to without running out of hot water.
  • Taking a bath.
  • Storing everything in the room I actually need it in, instead of stuffing it all in my room.
  • Having a dishwasher.
  • The red wall in the kitchen.
  • Knowing if I cleaned something in the evening, it still will be clean the next morning.
  • Having three rooms.
  • A non-dripping tap.
  • Living in an old building again, meaning high ceilings, large windows and plank flooring.

It’s so exciting!

If you were moving, what would you wish for your new home?


Link Love #19

8476236590_e09eb6759a_zImage by Wickerfurniture

This week was quite exciting.We decided to move a few weeks ago and have been looking at appartements ever since. We found one that we absolutely loved by the moment we stepped through the door, so this week we waited to hear if we got it and we actually did (at least we have the verbal promise, but I’m always sceptical). If everything is going well, we will be signing the lease tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed!

Anyway, here are a few links you might enjoy.

Have a sunny weekend!

Projects: Placemats

setsThese placemats were also a present I made for my parents. On the upper side I made a patchwork, it’s slightly different on each placemat.

sets1  The back is all in red and white polka dots. I doubled the back with iron on interfacing (is this the right term?) to make it more sturdy. To create the border I folded the margins of the back piece twice and over the front piece. I remember this to be the hardest part, because the corners just wouldn’t fit exactly and I had to redo it several times.


This is also another great project to use fabric remnants for, as you can see some of the fabrics I also used for the fabric flower brooch I showed you last week. The dark blue one actually is from a shirt. It was an XXXL shirt I sewed into a dress and there were some scraps left. I still have the dress. Perhaps I will post about it some day.

What do you use fabric remnants for? I would love to hear your ideas!

The Small Things: Red and White Polka Dots

polka dots1As you may have noticed by now, I really like red and white polka dots. At first I thought it was just a crush, but since it has been going on since years by now, I guess it’s rather a deep love. I love them big and small, on everything possible. This makes me a person very easy to give gifts to, by the way. Just find something with red and white polka dots and I will love it, no matter what it is. We even sticked red and white polka dot paper all over our fridge and I’m dreaming of a red and white dotted wall some day and a kitchen with everything dotted in it. My collection of red and white polka dot dishes is actually already quite impressive – but it’s not enough yet. There can never be enough red and white polka dots!

For the picture I gathered some small things from my collection:

  • Washi Tape
  • Sunglasses my boyfriend gave me for my birthday
  • Necklace from Dawanda
  • Fabric Flower I made some time ago (see a tutorial here)
  • Buttons, also a birthday present from my boyfriend as well as the
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Earrings my mother gave me a few years ago
  • Salt Shaker, shaped like a fly agaric.

Perhaps I’ll make a part two (and three, and four….) for this post, since I have a lot more red and white polka dot stuff!

Do you have a pattern you always feel yourself drawn to?

Link Love #18


Image: peregrine blue

I just had a week off, but since it was raining nearly all the time I just hung around and relaxed. This was nice, too.
Here are your links for the weekend.

  • This time it’s not about pimping your old shirts but your old bags, turn them into Arty DIY bags. I especially like the big black and white one. It reminds me of a skeleton.
  • My budgies are sitting in a cage, but it’s because they can’t fly. In generally  I would say it’s much nicer to put Plants in birdcages instead.
  • Did you now there’s a Wiki entry which lists common misconceptions? I just learned that Napoleon actually wasn’t really small, for example.
  • I haven’t tried bleach dyeing yet, but this bleach splattered dress reminded me that I absolutely want to.
  • It’s a pity there isn’t a tutorial, but I really was stunned how you can turn an old jeans into an overall dress.
  • Take a look at the3robbers’ moleskine pages. The other journals are great, too!
  • A smart thought on feminism. 

Have a relaxing weekend and see you next week!

Projects: Sixties Dress

kleidvornehintenI finally finished the sixties dress I showed you while in progress. It took quite a while since it includes a lot of pattern pieces and has lining underneath. Obviously I don’t feel comfortable posing and being photographed…And by the way – it’s not the dress that’s uneven, it’s my posture.I did some changes to the original pattern. First I fitted it at the waist – I like baggy clothes and dresses but this was too much even for my taste. It looked like a children’s dress. The border at the sleeves was originally some centimetres wider, I reduced the width to about one centimetre.aermel I also changed the position of the pockets. They were sitting completely in the patterned part, which looked a little bit strange in my opinion and was impractical,too. So I moved them up a few centimetres. taschenI really like how the collar turned out. Here it is in the front…kragen-vorne…and here’s the back view.kragenhintenLuckily today’s the first nice day in weeks, so I actually am able to wear the dress today. And since I don’t like to feel too dressy I’ll pair it with my oldest shoes.

How would you wear it?

First two images by fabyphotography.

Projects: Fabric Flower Brooch

broscheA lot of the things I made in the past years were gifts for my Mum. So when I last visited my parents, I took the chance to take pictures from all the self-made stuff to share it with you. Among others I  photographed the fabric flower brooch I told you about in this post. In my opinion it was one of the most successful gifts I gave her, I love how the different blue-shaded fabrics match and how the checked red leave adds a little pop of colour.

brooch1I saw something similar in a book, but they sewed the flowers directly on a shirt. But since I wanted to make it a little more practical and flexible, I sewed the individual flowers, stems and leaves onto a piece of fabric, which I adhered to a brooch needle. It took some time to complete it, but I think it was totally worth it. The flowers were made a little bit different from the ones I shared a tutorial for, so if you want to learn how to make this kind of flowers, leave me a comment!

By the way, I finally finished the sixties dress – I’m just waiting for better weather to take some pictures.

Link Love #17


Image: peregrine blue

Every week I tell myself to directly copy the links of posts and articles I liked into a Link Love List, but I never do it. And every Friday I regret it. Anyway – enjoy the links!

Have a wonderful weekend!

You can make this! Button Bracelet Tutorial

bracelet-tutRemember my collection of self made bracelets I showed you before? One of them was an easy button bracelet. Now I made another one for my best friend’s birthday and took the opportunity to prepare a tutorial for you. This is a great DIY to use up all the single left over buttons you have.

You need:bracelet-tut-2

  • Buttons of your choice; I used different buttons in turquoise, a mixture of old and new ones
  • Elastic thread; here I used a fancy one especially for jewellery making, but it’s quite slippery and hard to knot. An elastic thread usually used for sewing works at least as well
  1. Lay the buttons out in the order you want the finished bracelet to be.bracelet-tut-3
  2. Cut of a piece of elastic thread, a few centimetres more than twice as much as you want the finished bracelet to be. Take the thread in half and thread the doubled thread from the back of the button through the first button hole. Than thread it back through the second whole. Push the button over the thread until there are only a few centimetres left to the end of the thread.(Is there another word for thread and threading?!)bracelet-tut-4
  3. Add more buttons in the same way, go from the back through the first hole and return to the back through the second one.bracelet-tut-5
  4. Push the buttons really close together, so they overlap.bracelet-tut-6
  5. If you think you reached the needed length, lay it around your wrist and check. The thread should be filled with buttons tightly. If you’re satisfied, knot the ends and cut any excess. If you used the slippery kind of thread, to prevent the knot to open, cover it with glue or heat it with a lighter very very carefully. This way the band will melt together a little bit.bracelet-tut-7
  6. Spread the buttons evenly, thereby covering the knot.
    And your finished! Easy, hm?bracelet-tut-8

It also works with buttons with four holes. If you have only few of them in between buttons with two holes, just split your doubled elastic band and thread one end each through two holes. If you have buttons with four holes only, I would recommend to use two doubled threads.

As always, if you have any questions or tips, please let me know in the comment section – as well as your other thoughts on this project (other topics are ok, too :)).
Happy crafting!

The Small Things: Rhubarb Tart

cake I love love love cake!
I’m convinced that I have a special stomach just for sweets and perhaps even an extra one just for cake. I can definitely eat more sweets than other food and I usually can always eat pie, no matter how much I’ve eaten before. When I was still living at home, my Mom and I sometimes just had an apple pie for lunch. My favourite kind of cakes are fruit cakes in every variation.

cake1 Today we baked a rhubarb tart with a simple sponge mixture, freshly picked rhubarb from my parents garden,  and beaten egg whites with almonds on top. So yummy! Rhuburb tart is especially delicious, since you can get rhubarb only for a limited time, so for me it’s something special. Fortunately there’s some left for tomorrow and I’m already looking forward to the next one, I’ll definitely bake another one this season!

If you like I can share the recipe – if you’re interested tell me in the comments!

Have an exciting week!