Art Journaling: Circle Stamps

circle-stamps4Not only do I love letter stamps, I like stamps in general very much. Very often I use every day materials as stamps, especially for stamping simple patterns as backgrounds.

Two things I regularly use for stamping are bubble wrap and mason jars.
Here I used a wrap with bigger bubbles and covered it with coat of acrylics using a roller, before pressing it onto the paper.DSC00176Than I added a second layer with bubbles which were a little smaller. I also went over the page with the roller and the paint which remained on it after covering the bubble I took the bottom of the maison jar, where you usually can find a “patterned circle” and covered it with really like the look of the mason jar stamp with its little pattern and the irregularities. circle-stamps3

To finish the page I filled the maison jar circles with gesso, cut little butterflies and glued them on. For me this is an unusually colorful and bright page, but I like it, because of its springy and happy vibe.

Do you have any tips which everyday objects would make great stamps?


The small things: all shades of green

green9What I really love about spring next to the flowers are all the fresh shades of green that appear everywhere. I can’t really remember if it has been like this the years before, but this year I’m really enjoying it and find it very energizing and refreshing, but also very calming and relaxing. I just want to dive into it. Perhaps it’s because it took spring so long to finally arrive. However, I just can’t get enough of it. I know I repeat myself, but I want it to be spring all year long!

And I actually managed to take a walk today on my own, in spite of my fear of dogs. I met some, but surprisingly they didn’t take an interest in me. I’m a little bit proud of myself. The area I walked through is so beautiful, there’s a little river, fields and a lot of trees and I guess I couldn’t have found more green anywhere near. It was great.green8 green7 green6 green5 green4 green3 green2 green1 green

You can make this! Paper Daisy Tutorial

tutdaisiesFinally here comes the tutorial for the paper daisies. They are really easy to make but I think that they are very cute and I like that they can be used in so many ways.

You need:

  • crepe paper in a shade of rose and magenta
  • plated fasteners with round heads
  • nail polish in yellow
  • scissorstutdaisies2
  1. Paint the heads of the fasteners with nail polish. Let dry.tutdaisies3
  2. Take a sheet of crepe paper folded as it is and first cut a square, than cut it into a circle. Mine had a diameter of about 4 to 5 cm. It doesn’t have to be perfect.tutdaisies4
  3. Notch the edges of the circle. Make sure not to cut to far into, since there has to be room for the fastener.tutdaisies5
  4. Take tha layers of crepe paper apart, than make little piles of about ten pieces. Make sure to pile them a little bit shifted to get a more natural, fluffier look.tutdaisies6
  5. Make a little cut into the middle of the pile, push the painted fastener through and bend it at the back. Tousle the “petals” and you’re done!tutdaisies7

As I told you, these little daisies were part of the decoration for the La.Meko Filmfestival. I didn’t take pictures of the whole decoration myself, but I now that there have been taken some. I hope I can get my hands on them and share them with you soon.

If you have any further questions on the tutorial, please let me know!


spring3I didn’t have the time to make a tutorial for the paper daisies, yet. Instead I’m sharing a few pictures I took the last days.spring4 spring2I love that since the weather is getting warmer everything is starting to get green and to bloom. I love spring, it’s my favourite season. If it were up to me it would be spring all year.spring1The almond blossoms I photographed at the town square, there are a lot of almond trees. It looks lovely.spring5 spring6 spring9 spring8 spring7The other one’s I took while hanging around in a park.

I never thought I would be talking that much about nature and especially flowers on this blog. Seems like I love them more than I knew myself.

Which is your favourite season?

Mixed Media: Spring Fever

la,mekoUsually I would talk about Art Journaling today, but instead I want to share this mixed media piece with you. I had it in line for quite a while, but this week seemed to be a good opportunity since I’m with my parents and neither had the time nor my usual supplies for an Art Journaling post.

The techniques I applied in this piece are actually very similar to the ones I use for my more elaborate journal pages. For me the difference is that Art Journaling is more about the process and expression, while this collage had a clear intention. Since years I’m a co-organizer of the La.Meko Kurzfilmfestival, an annual short film festival. For the last years I got to do the neat job of making a collage which could be used for our print products and our homepage. Since we changed the date of the festival from autumn to spring this year (which allowed us to spend the winter evenings instead of the summer nights watching and choosing short films for our program, which was much more pleasant), we decided to do a springlike theme, which I tried to implement in the collage, along with a “design” that easily allowed to add text. The collage serves as a background for our posters and postcards as well as for our homepage.

la,meko2For the flower field I used watercolours, acrylics, snippets of magazine pages and crayons, as well as a puncher to create the little blue flowers and the bottoms of jam jars to print the big circles. The origami butterflies I made out of origami paper and water colours. My favourite parts are the ladybugs (even though the one on the left looks a little bit mean and dangerous) and the bee (or is it a wasp?). They consist of drawing paper, coloured pencil, felt tip, acrylics and tracing paper.

If you are interested you can find out more about the La.Meko Filmfestival here (and can also see the collage included in the website).

I hope I could at least bring you a little feeling of spring – it’s still grey in grey here. Has spring already arrived somewhere out there? If yes, please let us know and give us a little bit of hope in the comments!